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16 Sep 2012 - 19:1591001
MCM Expo virgin
In fact, a complete cosplay con virgin! I have absolutely no idea what I need to take, what facilities are there, whats on. The official site is confusing and I am lost! We will be attending all three days but leaving last thing Sunday night. We have a cosplay for the weekend, but do I need normal clothes? Or party clothes? Are there places to get food?

16 Sep 2012 - 20:1291009
Taking some ordinary clothes is an idea if you want something more comfortable to wear. There eateries in the venue but they can be pricey. I believe there are supermarkets around or you can tube in to town to find cheaper places to eat. If you want to see particular panels its worth making a plan beforehand as the place gets crowded on saturday in particular. Usually browsing stores is best done friday or sunday.

16 Sep 2012 - 20:3691012
New to the con scene?

This blog should help you out

For the most part I would do some research on London hotels, try to stay as close as you can to the ExCel. Food etc comes with a little walk-around and common sense, but find some down to earth friends who know their stuff.

Many people tackle Expo or Conventions in their own way, many different ways of having fun but not all of them suited for you.

Let me know if that blog helps, or if you need more info. There's an article on Expo which should nail it for you.

Edit: here's the article on Expo, clicky here.

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16 Sep 2012 - 21:0091014
Well to get to the Expo you'll be looking for the Custom House for ExCel stop on the DLR. This is where most people arrive and will take you to the end of the ExCel building that's nearest to the Novotel and Ibis hotels. If you instead need to check into the Ramada or any of the hotels in that area then that's at the opposite end of the ExCel building and it's easier to get there with all your luggage if you get off at the Prince Regent stop instead ( it's only one stop after or before Custom House depending on which direction you're coming from ). You can enter the ExCel building ( and so the Expo ) from either end.

There are different halls within the ExCel building. One will be a hall that the Expo itself is held in and there should be another that you'll have to queue up in first in order to get your entry wristband / pay if you haven't already paid in advance.

There are some food places in the ExCel building, but there's also some grocery shops and take aways around the bit of road that runs along the other side of the Customs House stop. There are some cash machines here too as well as some inside the ExCel. Also there's an Asda at Beckton which is a few more stops along on the DLR.

I'd say it's best to take some normal clothes in case you want to go around London in the evenings or just food shopping.


16 Sep 2012 - 23:2791024
Are there guidelines for props? I am worried about my sceptre.....

17 Sep 2012 - 01:4291028
Quote darkshines:
Are there guidelines for props? I am worried about my sceptre.....

Yep, these are them here:

17 Sep 2012 - 09:0891041
Wow ok, noted!

18 Sep 2012 - 09:0491131
Expo is fun but it's also very very busy, loud, hot and stuffy I enjoy it because its one the venues close to home for me so I can drive there but I do know that it's not for everyone. As people have mentioned food is available but it expensive.

Make sure you have cash with you as the cash machines are normally always very busy and you could be waiting longer to queue for cash then it took you to get changed in the loos and go into the event

Expo has a very special buzz about it though - where a million people will want to take your photo which is less common with some of the other events - and if you want to enter the masquerade make sure you sign up early as places fill up fast.

So go with an open mind and enjoy it. And if you find expo isn't for you there are plenty other events available where you can strut your cosplay stuff And most of them arnt anywhere near as intense.

The only problem I have heard (which personally I've not noticed) is that people feel its hard to make new friends at expo. I've not found this to be the case but again if you walk away from it and find you didn't meet any new people don't worry as I said Cons are much more relaxed and easier to make new friends.

Also if you see a costume you like go and tell the cosplayer - they will be really appreciative. If you want a photo of a cosplayer just ask. They hardly ever say no and will be much happier then you taking a sneaky picture while their standing at doujinshi's or something(I know that when I catch people taking sneaky photos I turn away or pull stupid uncharacterlike faces )

Likewise if you don't want to hug some of the free huggers, have photos taken or take sweets from a stranger you can say no. The only time I can ever think of having a problem is sometimes they double book expo with other events. The ones I remember really standing out where the year they had the Muslim expo (sorry I mean no disrepect to any religion) but seriously cosplayers don't wear much and putting on at the same time as a religion that believes women should be covered - come on excel center don't be stupid XS Also there was the time they did a martial arts event at the same time and had some kid punch me - I was in a mascot suit and apparently violence comes with the teritory since you can't see much -_-

Sorry I rant and went off topic someonewhat. But I like expo, it's buzzy and you get to meet lots of likeminded people. It doesn't have the same feel as a full blown con but it definatly helps bridge the gap

18 Sep 2012 - 09:0791133
I keep hearing about the masquerade, what does this consist of?

19 Sep 2012 - 00:3391200
The masquerade is split into two sections, you have the novice catergory and you have the advance catergory. The entries will either do a catwalk to a piece of music of their choice or perform a skit. Your generally on stage for the catwalk for up to 2mins (even though it feels like forever sometimes ) But your basically there to show of the costume you have made. Expo is quite stricted and due to it's popularity you can only enter if you've made at least 50% of your costume. But this is to stop people that bought there costume online going up there. If you make a cosplay with a friend and she wears it but you made it thats allowed.

October is more busy then may though as the saturday of october expo has the Eurocosplay event - which you should definatly try and watch because the costumes are amazing It's the best of the best for Euro so

Masquerades are scary when you do your first one - I remember running out and off in about 20 seconds T_T but they are definatly worth doing as they are really enjoyable once you get the hang of it and the expo staff are really good at looking after their cosplayers giving water and sweets while you queue, chairs are available for those in bulky cosplay and you can see a screen backstage of those going out before you Some people are put off doing expo as their first masquerade due to the how big expo is as an event but when you get on stage the lights mean you can't see all that much so it's not different from any other events I highly recommend doing it.

You can check out the videos from previous years here:

There are judges, but honestly don't worry about them, if you go for novice walk on they won't be judging you

But give it a go it is fun - scary fun

24 Sep 2012 - 13:3191522
You might want to consider taking some 'normal' clothes, however its totally up to you, I know some people don't and spend all weekend in cosplay, but personally i like to be comfy after a day in costume

If you're staying in hotels around the expo area you should be fine for finding food, there are supermarkets a tube ride away and plenty of places in and around Excel, although if you wanted to save a bit of money you could take snacks with you too to keep in your hotel room.

There are always plenty of people around for you to chat to, and while I cant speak for everyone, me and my friends are always up for meeting new people and generally having a good time. If you see us around dont be shy, come say hi, we dont bite

24 Sep 2012 - 17:0191527
Wow, there is no WAY I would take part in the masquerade, sounds like my idea of Hel, I am FAAAAAR too shy for that! I have almost everything for all my cosplays now, I will definitely be ready in time, even if I don't have my good horns by then (boy Loki instead of girl Loki).

25 Sep 2012 - 22:2691622
Good luck with finishing off your cosplays, and hopefully I'll see you around expo

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