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16 Sep 2012 - 16:0590985
Cosplay make-up help: Eyelash applicator

I'm really sorry for asking loads of questions >.<

Earlier today, I bought an eyelash applicator because I can never put false eyelashes on properly. It's exactly like this one:

I can see that there is instructions on that picture, but I can't read Japanese >.<

Can someone please tell em how I'm supposed to use it? I'm not sure if I need to put the glue on before or after I put it in the holder, or how to put them in with the little gripper thing.


16 Sep 2012 - 17:0190988
When I put on my fake eyelashes, I put the glue on the inside edge of the lashes, not too much, and leave it for a minute so it goes tacky. Then gently apply from one corner to the other, following the natural curve of the eyelid. I have never used an applicator!

18 Sep 2012 - 12:4591147
From the diagrams it looks like you use eyelash glue to attach the eyelashes to the light blue thing, then before the glue goes too tacky (and sticks them there for good) you pluck them off with the big tweezers thingy, and use that to stick them to your eyelid.

TYou might want to check that the tweezer thingys match up with the shape of your eyelids before messing around with the glue.

18 Sep 2012 - 13:5291151
I got an applicator similar to that with some Eylure lashes a while ago. If it's anything the same, you just pick up the lashes with the applicator, add glue then try push them on your eyelid until they stick.

I found it horrible to use. The shape was far too wide, and even trying to bend it to fit it just poked me in the eye really badly as it wasn't flexible or soft at all. Just putting the glue on then putting them on my eye like normal worked much better than the "applicator".

This one might be different, though, so it's definately worth a try. All you'll need to do is pick them up, apply glue and stick.

19 Sep 2012 - 02:1991203
I agree with previous posts. I bought a superdrug one similar and I really didn't get on with it - I found it much easier to do it by hand because I kept putting them too high and having a crappy line between the eyelash band and my eyelashes.

I found the best way to apply them is to put eyelash glue on the lashes, then wait for it to go tacky then add the eyelash to your eyelid but working from the inside out. You may even find that the eyelashes are too wide for your eyes as they are pretty much one size fits all. And it's much easier to trim the lashes when there to long on the outer side. Also it depends which eyelash glue you use. I've used a range of cheap and expensive eyelashs and glues. I found that even though it doesn't really matter which eyelashes you use only the eylure glue stuck the lashes. Some people also find it easier to put the glue on the eyelid first. This often makes it a very messy ordeal but it's an excuse to practice Another option is where you buy the strips of eyelashes on a clear backing - these are less noticible if there not a snug fit to your natural eyelashes. And finally there are also the sets where you put on the lashes individually instead of a strip. These are easier to apply as you have more control but I believe they would be more time consuming

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