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14 Sep 2012 - 16:4290912
Sailor fuku blouse/shirt help and fabrics.
Hi there im new here^^

Im planning on cosplaying Tomoyo daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura.


But im planning to wear the summer uniform.


I need help on making the blouse/shirt. my mum doesnt want to buy any fabrics to make them -.-
but i convinced her to let me buy the fabric i need to make for the collar and for the tie. Does anyone know what type of fabric i could use to make the white collar and the red tie? and how much fabric do u need for making the collar and tie?

so first i thought i could get a white school blouse with the short sleeves and just add the black stripes on the sleeves and on the collar. But i realised that the blouse/shirt has buttons.
so i thought that i could take off the buttons off the blouse/shirt but then i realised that the holes(for the buttons to go in through) will still be there. Does anybody know a tutorial or tips to make a blouse/shirt into just like a sailor fuku uniform shirt??

Or if not this type of method

i could use a white t-shirt and add the collar onto it and the tie and the black stripes, but does anyone know what type of shirt i could use/wear and where to buy it??

Thankies in advance^^

15 Sep 2012 - 11:5390945
Hullo! It would be incredibly easy to make a uniform like that! I get most of my bits and pieces in store sales or from thift stores/charity shops.

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