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14 Sep 2012 - 02:5990878
11th Doctor items
I am looking for any 11th Doctor items. I have found a few of these but am looking for cheaper and/or more accurate versions if possible. Also not sure when Magnoli Clothiers is putting out the series 5 Paul Smith replica shirts or how expensive they will be so I might like to stumble across another maker or an used shirt. Sorry for the big pictures, I have no idea how to shrink them.
These are the items I have not found:
Windowpane shirt with mitred cuffs and tab collar:

Topman pale blue contrast dress shirt (no, it's not on Topmans website):

Blue with horizontal bark effect silk bow tie:

Blue with aztec key design bow tie:

Black tails, with white vest, white shirt, white bow tie and a tophat:
No idea how to get these relatively inexpensively

And at some point I'll be posting additional series 7 inquiries, as soon as I figure out what he's wearing and find good pictures of it.

14 Sep 2012 - 08:1690888
I don't have any specific item information for you, but I can offer some help:

You may know of it already, but there's a fantastic Doctor Who cosplaying community on LiveJournal: They live over at http://dw-cosplay.livejournal.com/ and also have a sister site for sales, http://dwcosplay-sales.livejournal.com/, where the Doctor's shirts pop up fairly often.

I know for sure that, a while ago, someone was considering doing a run of the Aztec key bow ties on the dw-cosplay forum; you can search the tags on the left-hand-side to narrow down posts to what you're after.

Also, Steve Ricks, a veritable God of the DW cosplaying community, makes a Paul Smith replica shirt with custom-printed fabric from Spoonflower. Here's his blog: http://eleventhdoctorcostume.blogspot.co.uk/ There's an email address on the right-hand-side and a lot of posts about them further down, but, fair warning, they're probably likely to be just as expensive as a real one xD

Again, sorry if you know this already, but I figured I'd give all the help I could Good luck in your search!

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