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14 Sep 2012 - 01:3390874
Hello, I'm The Doctor. Basically, run.
But not really. I'm Showtunes or Alex from Chapel Hill, NC, USA. I am currently 17 years old. I am very interested in Doctor Who and somewhat interested in Harry Potter. I hope to use this site to help put together as much of The Doctors wardrobe as I can. Besides Doctor Who I enjoy physics, theatre and carpentry, sometimes combined as theatre tech, all school subjects, clothes, witty banter and the company of people I like. I am growing my hair out to look like the Eleventh Doctors, and I am to dress like him as much as is possible. Which is once a week seeing as I only have one shirt that is suitable for it. I also have a sailor suit, completely unrelated to Doctor Who of course. I have a few Harry Potter items, a few of which I haven't relocated. Ways I am physically not like The Doctor: I am short, I have brown eyes, I am a little chubby, my face isn't long and thin, I'm tan and I only have one heart. Ways I am physically like The Doctor: I have brown hair, I am human in appearance. So not much resemblance, but I do intend to lose the chub and have an extra heart transplated so I'm getting closer. That was long.

Good to meet everyone,

14 Sep 2012 - 08:3790891
Hi, welcome to cosplay island
I'm preety sure that you'll be able to find some Doctor Who stuff on here.

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