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11 Sep 2012 - 17:1390756
Want a free photo shoot? read me!
Hello Cosplayers,

I'm a photographer based in Coventry, I have access to a full studio with all the equipment. I am giving away 10 studio sessions worth around £300 for freeeee! You get to have all the photos on a disc too, all I ask is that I can use the images for my website and stuff.

I'm sure you're thinking the fact I'm giving shoots away means i'm rubbish and desperate. Which I'm not. The only opportunities to shoot Cosplay at the moment have been very restricted, companies and events want the bog standard white background cheesy cliche shoots, and my creativity is bursting to get out! I want to work with creative people like yourselves that I can experiment and use colour, context and any thing else we like.

Any way I've blabbed on long enough, If you are interested in having a free photo shoot in Coventry message me on here or on my email and we will get something sorted out ASAP


see my work at www.daisywarejarrett.co.uk

Daisy Ware-Jarrett
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