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20 Dec 2008 - 15:318862
Resin Dagger help?
I'm making the Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia) and i intend to make it in resin, however i need to first create a mould to pour the resin into and was thinking of making the origional dagger out of oil based clay but have never used it previous, anyone know of anything usefull or any other materials i should consider?

20 Dec 2008 - 16:228863
are you sureabout using resin? It's really delicate and seriously hard to work with, assuming you're going to use styrene based resin.

The material that I'm loving ATM is gluegun glue, which I'm making my briareos head from

As for material for sculpting and moulding, use newplast for your sculpt, make the mould from latex with a solid fiberglass or simar mothermould.

20 Dec 2008 - 17:198865
the resin is just to pour into the mould so i have a sturdy outcome, can't remember what kind it is atm but it's suitable

and the problem is with the origional sculpt so i'll look into that newplast, thankyou ^^

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