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12 Sep 2007 - 23:28428
is crossplaying wrong
im interested in cosplaying a female character(sakura from naruto) is it rong?

(ps im male)

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13 Sep 2007 - 00:33430
There's a couple of ways to go about it, and it depends which you go for.

A lot of guys crossplay for comedy - i.e. they make it obvious that they are a man in a woman's costume. While it can be pretty funny, it can also be a tad unpleasant to look at (see Man Faye - or don't see Man Faye unless you want to wash your eyeballs).

The type I prefer is when a crossplayer makes a genuine effort to look like the character - i.e. makes sure all visible skin is shaved, wearing good makeup, wearing appropriate padding etc. Some people are prejudiced against this sort of crossplay due to their own opinions regarding men in women's clothing and what it implies, but women will usually be impressed by the effort. Heck, do it well enough and nobody will know anyway...

It's widely accepted for girls to cosplay male characters, and it would be cruel to deny men the same breadth of opportunity!

13 Sep 2007 - 00:54431
It's not wrong at all! I love crossplay - guys get the raw end of the deal though as people are generally less accepting of men dressing up as women it's not fair really.

I agree with Odangochan. If you're going to crossplay for the cringe factor (see Man Faye, Sailor Bubba) then don't try to hide that you're a guy at all. People will see it as a fantastic comedy costume...and lots will cringe!

But doing male to female crossplay properly is quite difficult. You have to make sure that your equipment downstairs is hidden using the correct underwear, keep very clean shaven (face, legs, arms - you name it!) go and get your makeup done (I remember this amazing crossplayer called Will who used to be in the UK scene, he was put together better than almost all of the girls! He went to MAC makeup counters and got his makeup done for his costumes) and the most important thing is to carry yourself more gracefully - the way you act in costume will be what makes you look more feminine. I've seen tips on cosplay.com from some guys who crossdress day to day, they have tips on how you can create cleavage using duct tape (p.s. ouch!)

13 Sep 2007 - 01:07432
Well, as a guy who has cosplayed a girl before I can hopefully give some insight into it.

Girls have got it easy, they can cosplay a guy and nobody will bat an eyelid. But, if you are a guy and you want to cosplay a female character then you need to be confident in yourself. Not everybody will laugh, thats one of the most important things you need to prepare for.

I wasn't comfortable when I did it, it was for a Masquerade skit so for the most part I was okay as I have done a lot of acting before and played girls on stage etc.

However, outside of the Masquerade I suddenly became very concious of it and got changed very quickly.

So, while Tak and Odangochan have covered lets say the "physical" aspect, I think an important question to ask yourself is...will you be confident with yourself to do it?

Something to think about maybe?

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13 Sep 2007 - 04:38433
I've got no problems with it, one of the cosplayers I admire the most in the UK community is a crossplayer. He makes a really convincing girl, but it's still clear he's a guy - it's hard to explain, but the guy's got guts and his costumes are always fantastic, too!

All you need when crossplaying is confidence - whether you're going for serious cosplay or "gag" cosplay (along the lines of cosplayers like Man-Faye or Sailor Bubba), you're gonna need a lot of confidence to not turn around and go get changed as soon as you're spotted. Even when I crossplay I get paranoid, and I'm a girl!

13 Sep 2007 - 10:47435
so its coll then i can coslay sakura from naruto

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13 Sep 2007 - 10:51436
does anyone know how to hide my broad sholders?

plz help

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13 Sep 2007 - 15:02437
Quote dead z:
does anyone know how to hide my broad sholders?

plz help

padding out your hips will help, its not just about the boobs.

crossplaying is great if you feel good about yourself when doing it but a fat man in hot pants should stay at home

13 Sep 2007 - 18:11438
As an *extremely* broad-shouldered girl, I can give a little advice, but it's limited. As mentioned, padding both hips and breast area well can give the illusion of a more feminine figure in general. Try to drop your shoulders when you stand, and don't push them too far back (though slouching is to be avoided too).

A lot of it has to do with the style of clothing, as well. For example, strapless clothes look really strange on broad-shouldered girls and thus are to be avoided. Sleeveless tops and dresses also make the shoulders more pronounced, which I think Sakura's dress is? In that case you may want to try and make the front of the dress come right across the shoulders, a little further out than where your actual shoulder begins.

A lot will have to do with the pose you adopt, too. For example, crossing your arms will help to minimise the appearance of broad shoulders, especially if done in the "feminine" style (holding your elbows). Posing with one leg slightly forward and the opposite shoulder slightly back will also look good, as well as being an appropriately feminine pose (actresses and models use it all the time as it makes legs look long).

13 Sep 2007 - 22:40440
thanks all

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