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05 Sep 2012 - 03:3590491
Mask help.
Couple of things...

I need to find a mask that covers my face (that's gonna be a big size as I have a big head) that goes over the neck


The query is, whats the best way to add stuff to it? I want to build it up with layers to make a rocky skin? Can you attach things to it? And if so what would you use?

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05 Sep 2012 - 09:3190498
There are several options you could try. Though the best one is to have a go at making your own prosthetics piece. It will be made for your head so you will know it will fit.

You would need to go about making a life cast of your head with alginate and from this you can create a clay version of your head. I can describe the process in more detail if you would like but there are plenty of videos on youtube explaing it

Once you have your life cast you can make a clay version of the mask you want to make with all the detail you want in it. This is then cast in to make a mould. Once this mould is created you make the latex or silicon mask from this

The disadvatages is that it's time consuming and costly but the advatages is that it will fit your head exactly and can look more natural then a rubber mask.

You would attatch it to your head with things like Lates or Spirit Gum. Make sure you are not allergic to either of these products before use.

Another cheaper option would be to buy several cheap masks of the final design (if it is comercially available) and build up the mask but cutting segments from the spare mask to make it longer to fit your head

You could always use a bald cap and paint the design onto that to hide your hair - again this would be applied with latex or spirit gum and then paint the rest of your face with face paint/make up

If you want to use the mask you linked above you can add the texture with latex and latex paints (or acrylic paint in latex can work really well - though gives a plastic looking crisp finish - I'm not sure what effect your after)

So there are plenty of options I hope that helps

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