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02 Sep 2012 - 23:3690380
Extensions or a ponytail?
I need some help for my Kirihara Misaki (Darker than Black) cosplay - I'm hoping to avoid using a wig, but my hair is not long enough, so I think the options I have is either to use extensions or a ponytail. The problem with the extensions is that I'm afraid they won't blend too well (my hair is thick and it sits right on my shoulder blades if that helps) but a problem with a ponytail is that I'm not sure they're meant to be used for low, slightly pulled back ponytails...
I've never used extensions or ponytails, so sorry if I sound like an newbie! =x
[Reference: http://hq-wall.net/i/med_thumb/14/08/darker_than_black_gun_kirihara_misaki_46.jpg or http://www.pureanimegallery.com/d/2771-2/misaki-kirihara-closeup.jpg]

03 Sep 2012 - 12:2390400
I'm a big fan of the ponytail method. The ponytails you buy come with big clips to clip onto your hair in the colour of the hair piece to avoid being seen. The advantage of this character is that her hairband is really thick so it would hide the clip really well.

I'm not really a fan of extensions as there often quite expensive to get the amount to make the effect you want plus you know that you want a ponytail anyway so might as well just go straight for a clip on ponytail.

My only concern is matching the ponytail to your hair type. From experience I have an ash brown hair and I cannot get a hair piece to match my natural hair for love nor money as synthetic hair tends to be glossy. So basically you'll need to either order a colour ring from the company you know you want to buy the hair piece from or if they have a shop even better head into the shop and try and match but don't let that put you off - colour rings are an extremely useful item. I have one for the New Look wig range (not the uk clothes shop ) and I use it everytime I order a wig - and considering it was only £10 it has saved me so many times from not buying the correct colour - as there is only so much on screen colour charts can show

Good luck

06 Sep 2012 - 19:4290584
Thanks so much! I'm not worried about how glossy they are, though matching the colour is one of my biggest worries, so that's very useful!

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