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31 Aug 2012 - 22:0090279
(FOR SALE) Wigs, Books, Games & Many more!
Basically I was going to list everything I have up for sale on a post on this here forum. Except I intend to sell quite a bit, so instead of spamming a thread with a ton of items. I'm going to post them on a tumblr, where they will all be neatly organized.

Why tumblr?
- Two reasons, I can keep it neat tidy and tag all the posts so people can find things easier & because I know many people don't have access to websites like Ebay.

If you have any questions don't hesistate to ask me (onl tumblr/here), but other than that here here is the link! Happy shopping & have a good day.

Note - at this moment in time (31st August) it appears to have very little up for sale, that's because I'm still working on photographing all my items and getting them posted! Please have patience

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