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30 Aug 2012 - 05:1490185
Hello From Nottingham!!
Hello everybody!, I'm a photographer and filmer from nottingham, I'm intrested in Anime Stuff like Howl's Moving castle,Spirited away Basically any Studio Ghilbi films and also im into quite a few anime series,

I thought i might aswell introduce my self fully *I really should of done this a few days ago!*

I'm also new to the cosplay world, I'm going to my first Convenction called J-con in September!
I'm not really good at these and i dont know what to put haha,
Just thought I'd say hi and see if any other members from nottingham are here

30 Aug 2012 - 14:4590200

Welcome to CosplayIsland =]

I'm sure there are a few members here from Notts - i'm sure they'll find you =]

30 Aug 2012 - 15:3490203
Hello there!

I am from Nottingham myself and will be going to J-con too!

There is quite a number of us XD Not all of us are on CI but there are a fair number of us.


30 Aug 2012 - 18:3990209
Nice to meet you both! ^^

Numta Thank you ^^

Aerblade, Awesome! Hopefully I will see you their ^^, Out of curiousity what you cosplaying as? (:

and i heard!, I've already been speaking to roseify ^^ everyone on here seems really nice, I'm hoping to make more friends who are cosplayers from nottingham

30 Aug 2012 - 20:5690218
Sailor Jupiter ^^

Cant wait!


30 Aug 2012 - 21:1190219
Quote Aerblade:
Sailor Jupiter ^^

Cant wait!

Oh Awessome!!

Same! , Got some new camera gear for it ^^

02 Sep 2012 - 00:0990359
Nice to see and know there are more people form Nottingham around

02 Sep 2012 - 00:1390361
Quote raven4000:
Nice to see and know there are more people form Nottingham around

Same!! , Nice to meet you!

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