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14 Dec 2008 - 23:048717
Final Fantasy XII costume help !
hay thanks for reading this i hope you can help me.
ok so my friends decide we should all go to the london mcm expo in may as FF12 and because im the only one that can sew im making the costumes and now im a little stuck!

im curently making Ashe's top and and cant get the chest area to go right it keeps on being wrinkled or just looks funny and i have no idea what i have done and how to fix it and im stressing myself out over it and thought it was time i got some help.

so any ideas????


14 Dec 2008 - 23:168719
are you using a pattern or making your own? Any photos of progress so far so we can point out any tips and tricks? =]

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14 Dec 2008 - 23:348720
Also what material is it as some are notorious for that kind of thing!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

15 Dec 2008 - 00:198722
the material is polly-cotton

nope no pattern im just making it from sight
the progress photos are on my photobucket account


and also up on Ashe's costume page
just put them up the now xx

15 Dec 2008 - 10:238727
I’m guessing the problem may be the fit, but that’s hard to say without seeing you wearing it. You can get wrinkles from the fabric being too tight, and bunching up, or in areas where it’s too loose. Ashe’s top has to be closely fitted, and if you’ve not darted it in the right places and so on, then you may get wrinkles. Take a close look at how other cosplayers have done it - they tend to end up with seams and darts all over their tops to fit them (unless using stretchy fabric). From what I can see from your photos, other than using bra cup shapes (which is a very good idea), the top appears to be completely flat. I’d imagine at least bust darts at the sides of the front would shape it better.

It could also be the fabric - polycotton is pretty thin and flimsy. Interfacing may sort that out, and I strongly suggest lining it. That’ll add some weight to the fabric, sort out any see-through issues with it being white, and it’s probably the best way to finish the strange shaped edges. Especially since with the “tails” at the back of the top, both sides of those will be visible.

Ashe’s top is annoying, I doubt many commercial patterns can be of too much help, except maybe a bustier or something. I had the same problem with mine, fitting it nicely - I went through 3 mock-ups! So I’d definitely play around with mock-ups to get it right. When you get something that works, use the mock-up as the pattern for the final thing. It was also important for me to have a pattern, even one made by myself, so I could cut out the exact same shapes again to line the top.

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15 Dec 2008 - 20:028741
i had the same trouble with jecht and anouther one which will be revieled later. try either a thinker material also press it with an iron run the creases to the edges and sew them in because it probly acces material that i causing just use normal irorn what i did with jechts leg skirt and shorts worked a treat or run the creases to areas that it wont be noticed like under arms or to areas that will be cover with something else just cheat no one has to know

16 Dec 2008 - 12:598757
You going to probably want to add some darts around the bust line (just in case you're not familiar: A dart is where you take in a section starting bigger at the top and ending in a point to create a fit round a curve - e.g. boob type area - basically you take a triangle section and sew!) and possibly on at the back (down the spine) if it looks like its gathering too much.

As long as it fits properly around the wider parts, you can make it fit nicely round the skinnier and 'curvier' parts with varying darts (thats what I end up doing most of the time too!)

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