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25 Aug 2012 - 15:5989893
Support Inside A Costume
Hello there guys and gals!

I'm having a small problem with my upcoming costume and was hoping you wonderful people may be able to chuck some ideas my way.

I'm making this costume:
The picture of the person is how I'll be standing in the costume. It's a Hippogryph mount from Warcraft, as you may be able to tell from the saddle on it's back.

My problem is that I want to be able to place a removeable structure up under the costume inside so that someone would be able to sit on it. I was origionally thinking of using one of these heavy duty clothes rails:

Obviously it would be strong enough to hold someone, but I don't think it'b be stable enough. Once I've drilled the saddle onto the top bar, when it has someone on there the center of gravity will be so high up it would probably topple over.

So has anyone else got any other ideas?

I'd want it to be:
4ft tall
Hold about 80 - 100kg
Not have a solid base so it'll look okay in photo's (i.e. not a solid block of wood, but poles that could hide between the legs)
Removeable from the costume
Possibly have lockable coasters to wheel the costume around when no one is on it.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this =)


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28 Aug 2012 - 08:1290062
First of all, congratulations on your ambition! I'm not sure I'd have the competency to make anything *like* that complicated!

I think your idea about the clothes rail is a good plan, if you're looking for portable but you're right; unsteady is the word. A fall from even a couple of feet in a busy hall is bad enough, let alone when it ruins your costume.

I personally would have gone for a 'Chinese lion dance' idea, and had two operators - or a wearable Hippogriff body, with your legs as it's legs (like those cowboy costumes you see in fancy dress outfitters).

If you're determined to have it rideable - what about two rails, for balance? Engineering was never my strong point, but you'd at least not be balancing 80-100kg on a pole only a couple of inches wide.

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28 Aug 2012 - 15:1190078
I'm not sure if this is a crazy idea or not, but have you tried considering making it a hollow wooden structure (or something pretty damn sturdy any way). Then covering it in cloth. Then for the legs, you could have wheels that can flick into place whenever you want to move it around, and then collapse into a block (Make a rectangular hole in the feet for the wheel to collapse inside) when you want people to mount it so that it's safe and won't move.

Kinda like those trainers you can get where they can be normal trainers, or they can be rollerblades!

That or you could apply a similar concept to scaff towers where it's permanently on wheels, but you can apply the brakes at any time if you want it to stay still.

The only downfall with this idea is that because of the base, you wouldn't be able to pose the costume much except for the wings and head. Though you could have the legs on hinges so that it can move but that would sacrifice the sturdiness of it!
Sorry if I'm rubbish at explaining things, I work better with diagrams! Which I can provide, but I thought I'd state the crazy idea first before doing any drawings.

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