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13 Dec 2008 - 03:308673
Totally clueless - Grimmjow
Ah, my first project, so far i have the costume apart from the boots, the sword and the broken mask. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some boots that would be perfect for the arrancar boots that are in the anime and what would be the best type of paint to use on them (told you i was clueless). I was thinking of making the sword from cardboard but i think I'll end up screwing it up somewhere and i have no idea about what to do about the mask. I was also wondering if you think i should dye my hair blue (I've wanted it blue for ages mind you) or just try to find a wig which i have 0% chance of finding seeing as though I've already looked everywhere and I'm not very good at dyeing etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

13 Dec 2008 - 10:108680
Cardboard works well as long as you are careful and don't let it get squashed or bent. Other alternative is foamboard or funky foam over a base of something stronger like card. You can get thi from most hobby shops.

Acrylic paint works well for most things. Careful with things like boots as you run the risk of it cracking as the boots flex.

You'd be surprised at what you can get from a wig. A lot of people round here use the Proffessional Only ebay store. They're very good, have a large range and deliver reasonably quickly considering they are in hong kong (I usually get mine in a couple of weeks). Have a look at Angelphie's wig guide for tips.

13 Dec 2008 - 10:488683

Ive made a Grimmjow before so can help you out 100% with yours XD

The boots are Tabi or Ninja boots, the cheepest i found were £20 on Ebay most martial arts shops will sell them but for much more :S
I then painted thes boots in Tipex for Detailing.

The Trousers are Hakama as with above they are difficult to make so i did buy these again they were about £20 from ebay and on average £60 fromn Martial arts stores :O

The Jaw i made out of Fimo a large block wouldnt cost more that £8 its a putty you bake to harden avaiable in many colours including white XD...

To get this to stick to my face i used Graetobian Spirit Gum. You paint the spirit gum on to your skin and pat the gum and youll feel it activaiting then stick the mask on and it will hold for hours. You will need spirit gum remover to the the mask off your face, if you tear it off you might loose skin :S

The wig..... i didnt use one i bought a white and a blue hair spray paint sprayed the white on first to cover all of my dark hair this took about 2 cans then about 3/4 of a coan of blue on top

to finish i made and lined the jacket using a jacket pattern and modifying the shape and making a huge collar...

It seems like yout sorted for a sowrd so you dont need to worry about that...

if theres anything i havnt covered or not clear you can PM me and ill help ya out

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