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16 Aug 2012 - 16:2389416
Shoe advice
'lo lovely people.

I was wondering if you can offer some suggestions. Due to varying inescapable reasons, I've ended up opting for a better version of Pema for October Expo - I'm just having a lot of bother with the shoes. Officially they're supposed to look something like: This

I did wear trainers for the entirety of Amecon, which started out as a subtle hint of irony to the whole Airbender thing, but it turned into a major comfort perk in the end. Especially since the time I did put a pair of proper shoes on (which had the teeniest tiniest of heels imaginable) I fell over in the middle of our photo shoot. -[Facepalm]-

I'm just not sure quite what to do about the shoes this time around. I do want to do them properly, but since it's going to be October I'd rather not freeze my toes off or take another nose dive, as walking with tiny Bumpy here at all is getting a bit problematic as it is.

So, any suggestions as to how to winter-proof a pair of sandals or alternatives I could maybe try? I did think about tracking down some moccasins, but I'm not sure if it'd really work. :/

17 Aug 2012 - 06:4889441
You said this would be October's MCM Expo? I'd probably just run with the sandals, myself. Bring a spare pair of trainers for walking to/from the DLR or bus stops, but Expo is mostly inside so sandals wouldn't be too bad.

I know it wouldn't be wonderfully authentic if someone saw you outside of the Expo, but for the sake of not stepping into a puddle, a pair of trainers or whatever in your bag would be a god-send. Plus you just know you'll have tons of shopping bags, so it's not like you'll be out of place with a backpack.

Edit: Another thing might be a pair of fitflops, if you're pregnant. A quick google search for 'pregnant sandals' brought up a forum which suggested them as an alternative due to their thick sole.

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18 Aug 2012 - 15:5389542
I never thought about fit flops actually! I might have to give them a go - and keep an eye on the weather forecast!

I think I'm just a little paranoid. I know I abandoned any degree of accuracy for comfort in the end at Ame, and got a bit of a gob full from someone. >_>

Still, thanks for the answer - I shall hopefully be able to salvage my ability to walk now!

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