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16 Aug 2012 - 10:3189402
Heya! Some friends and I have been organising a Promstuck - basically a Homestuck themed cosplay prom! It seemed to be a popular idea in the US so we decided to try and bring it over here. Anyway, the details are as follows:

- 29th August, 3pm-8pm
- Parish Church, Leatherhead, Surrey
- £5 entry to cover the cost of hiring the hall
- Homestuck cosplay is not required (though recommended) but formal wear is compulsory, even if it's just a dress shirt and trousers.
- More details on the tumblr masterpost: http://dawnkestrel.tumblr.com/post/29475502859/promstuck-south-uk

On that tumblr post is a link to the facebook event page, which people should be able to see. I'm just posting this here since the more people the merrier, and unlike some Homestuck meets there are at least two responsible adults helping out with things.

It really short notice but the previous venue was messing us around a lot so someone stepped in and found us this new one quickly!

[I wasn't sure if this is the right section of the forum to put it in? But it's also interesting to hear what people are thinking of cosplaying for this if they're planning on coming]


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16 Aug 2012 - 10:5089403
If anyone can help spread the word to there homestuck friends who don't have cosplay island or tumbler that be great too.

Oh and there is going to be a third adult helping out too I believe.

You already know who I am cosplaying but I will put it down anyway, I'm going to be a very short Gamzee xD
And probably without the face paint.

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