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14 Aug 2012 - 18:4189310
Fringe Wefts!
Hi, all - Hoping for some advice.

I bought two identical wigs from which to construct Rapunzel's braid, and I'm now trying to thicken out the fringe, too. I wanted to remove the wefts from the fringe of Wig Two and sew them underneath the hairline of the braided wig, Wig One - But, upon closer inspection, the wefts at the very top of the wig seem to go in a circle?

Is there any way to remove these wefts from Wig Two while keeping the shape of the fringe section intact, in order to sew it directly underneath the hairline of Wig One?

Apologies if this is all a little convoluted, but this is the first time I've ever attempted something like this and I don't want to wreck it D:

19 Aug 2012 - 07:0189566
There are two ways I can think of but the first is definatly a lot easier and more what I think your asking

So turn your wig inside out. On the inside you will see the fringe is sewn to a front strip (of lace or net). If you cut this strip either side of where the fringe ends, and then back

So like the red line on this image. This will give you the fringe in its entirity and all you have to do is sew that into your main wig

The other method is to cut the fringe pieces out and make new wefts but sewing the lose hair pieces to net but you will have the create the fringe effect yourself but where you concentrate on sewing these back into the wig. So making the center bulkier and the ends thinner.

I hope that has helped a little

21 Aug 2012 - 11:2089664
Thank so much - That was invaluable! I went for the first option, and literally just sliced off the fringe from the lace and sewed that into the cap of the other wig. Worked like a dream Thanks again!

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