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13 Aug 2012 - 22:2689259
Armour Commission needed
Hello i am looking for someone to commission me some armour?
I am after Lord Sesshomaru's armour from Inuyasha. I have made it myself before now and I keep being unhappy with it.

Here is a ref if you dont know;

And here is what i am after. I have seen this on Google and I love it XD

Looking for Prices and Im after this before October


10 Jul 2013 - 15:41104879
armour build
i can built this for you no problem and it would be better than the one in the pic hahah
i could also do the swords too if need be
and i can do in time for your con
your looking at around $500 +post though for a high standard that i do check my work at http://faustus70.deviantart.com/
and if im of interest mail me at and ill sort you my terms ect

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