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13 Aug 2012 - 01:0789216
What are your deciding factors when choosing cosplays?
I'm gonna assume that a topic like this is around here somewhere, but either I wasn't looking hard enough, or it doesn't exist? (I did a proper forum search using different key words each time and nothing obvious came up...but idk)
If there's a current active topic about picking cosplays - feel free to redirect me :'D

Anyway, my thoughts:
I've been cosplaying on/off since 2009, so have had the chance to pick different kinds of cosplays by now.
I found that (putting cost, difficulty and everything else aside here) - basically, the more hyped up I was for the series or character I was cosplaying, then ultimately the more excited I was to actually cosplay it.

I've also done a few cosplays that I wasn't so excited about just to join in with a group - even if I wasn't as hyped for it, I ended up enjoying those cosplays too.

Then there's some cosplays I did "just for the sake of it" - I did them and it was okay (maybe because they were cheap or wanted to cosplay something more recognisable ie. not because I was really into it). Fun but not as exciting.

This year I'll be attending October Expo once again, and I have no clue what to cosplay! D:
There's only been one series this year that I love, so my first cosplay choice was obvious to me.

But I'd really like to do a second one from something else completely.
For once I have no group obligations either (I suppose I could join in with the main part of my group, but it would be a "just for the sake of it" cosplay.)

I keep going over lots of different potential cosplay ideas I have - but none of them seems to stick out to me.
(And usually how I feel about ideas/characters is the most important deciding factor - but for once it's not obvious :'D)

So...what I want to ask is...

- If you had lots of different cosplay ideas that were all neutral to you - how would you decide?
- Is price/difficulty/doing popular characters/doing a good costume design etc an ultimate factor? - Or would you keep hunting for a different cosplay idea you'd be more excited about?

After my main choice, there's no other cosplay ideas that seem as exciting, so I'm a little stuck XD
(Sorry for the wall o' text orz)

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13 Aug 2012 - 08:2489219
I'm the sort of cosplayer who likes to be part of groups, so I make a short list of characters I like then trawl sites like this to see if anyone else is doing it. If I have no idea what I want to do, I will trawl sites like this and see what other people are doing. If I see a group I like the idea of, and do a character I want from that group.

Contributing factors for me (other than group) are if I like the character, time, cost and then also what other people are doing. For example, the Marvel Group this October. I had several people I wanted to do, but since some were already taken by other people I crossed them off. It's not that I don't think there should be doubles (far from it), I just like variety.

I don't particularly like standing down on a character if I really want to cosplay them or if there is no-one from that series.

Ayacon Plans
13 Aug 2012 - 09:3089221
Usual I got asked whether I want to cosplay a character or not. So most of my costumes are group/partner costumes.

But when I watch a cartoon/anime/manga/whatever and i really DO like a person an I think it would suit me I plan the cosplay too.

13 Aug 2012 - 10:0889222
I'm all about the design really. Characters are a sway but the bit I enjoy most is working out how to make everything, drafting patterns and searching for materials.

Time is more of an issue for me now, I kinda need things I can work on in bits and pieces as I need to work round my children. Ideally doing more making (as opposed to sewing) than I used to as I can do that on an evening when they've gone to bed but sewing needs to be during the day.

I'm not likely to be doing much more cosplay as I want to be working more on my own clothing designs, so the ones I have planned are either a bit simpler and more wearable, or on my MUST DO! List.

I guess it comes down to if you could only do one more costume, ever, what would it be?

15 Aug 2012 - 07:1589341
Do I like the character/source?
I prefer to cosplay as characters I like (or love to hate). Its so annoying when approaching a cosplayer and saying, "Wow! I love that character too!" for them to reply "who?" or "I hate the show but I love this costume." I want to connect with people, and cosplay can be a way to signal your tastes.

Can I actually make it?
I don't buy my costumes, although I have used shop bought clothes as a base. I also subscribe to the "eh, close enough" school though, so this one varies a bit.

Is there a group/meet?
I like the social aspect of cosplay. Being part of a group meet or photoshoot is tremendous fun, and leads to some great memories. At the very least I try to co-ordinate my costume with my girlfriend, just so one of us doesn't have to stand awkwardly aside if people want a photo!

05 Sep 2012 - 03:2590490
For me it's mainly:

-If I like the series/character etc, this helps alot as for example I loved my Gumshoe cosplay. Really simple but it was excellent being the character for a day

-My size, Being 6'3" and heavy set (T_T) then I tend to go for ones that suit my build/height etc.

-I guess a last one would be (being a bloke) do I look like them? If I looked like character A from Game/movie/comic C then I would look into them and see if I liked em.

Hope that helps ^^

05 Sep 2012 - 12:1890503
I tend to go with characters I love rather than solely the outfit these days. They can be characters I grew up liking, being able to relate to them in many ways (why I love/ chose Hinata Hyuga for example ) and respect for them.

I particually like cosplaying slightly obscure/moderately known/cosplayed characters. There is something about less cosplayed characters that makes other congoers more happy to see them and once I see someone overexcited about seeing a character they love but hardly see cosplayed I can tell you that thats such a wonderful feeling. I loved the original Grandia game and planning a cosplay from that makes people go like 'what? Who?' or 'ZOMG! I loved that game! Do it!!!'. Rather that than a well known character and just hear 'ah, ok'.

I also like the challenge of using a variety of materials and just generally experimenting with new methods. Plus wearing garments I wouldnt wear in real life if always fun too!

Alcon 2016

05 Sep 2012 - 13:3690508
I always define my character choices by 'Fatherly, Villains/misunderstood and Jesters'. Usually, my characters have those traits since I can easily portray them and that's the first deciding factor.

Personality, then appearance. I obviously being a bigger girl, won't go for someone I feel I won't be able to pull off. It's why I usually crossplay, since it's easier to find guys who'd work at my size then try to pull off the girls who are usually sexier or cuter in media forms than I feel able to pull off.

And then finally what they're wearing. All very well have a character I can emphases with or portray, someone I love the appearance of and think would work for me, but they have the most awkward clothing that would not flatter me no matter what I tried.

Things like 'is this a popular character right now?', 'how expensive would this be too pull off?' and 'will this be too difficult?' don't play part in my choice at the time. If there's a character I'd love to cosplay, and he's super popular, I'll still take a go at it. I want to. If he's going to be expensive, I'll budget with my other cosplays. If he's going to be difficult, I'll spend longer planning and trying to break it down to make it simpler for me.

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05 Sep 2012 - 15:1990510
my main one is weather i feel comfortable in the costume or not since i dont really wanna cosplay something like yoko from gurran largan (cant spell it correctly) if i am going to be uncomfortable just wearing a bikini top and shorts (im not the skinnyest person going so i wont feel comfortable)

the other one is cost and praticallity - yes if i put my mind to it then i can make a fur suit but the fur alone would cost me quite a bit let alone getting other things as well and also i would have to store it in my house which may be a problem and also i would have to travel it down to cons which could cause a problem since i cant drive and my mom dosnt drive either

i dont really care about groups really if i own the costume originally or the costume is easy to make then i ill partake in groups but im not really bovered

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