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12 Aug 2012 - 20:0289210
Cosplay advice for Wheatley Portal
Hey guys
I was thinking of going to the MCM this year as Wheatley from the game Portal 2. I have no idea where to start or how to go around making this though

I was hoping to make a helmet kinda thing of the Wheatley core (Measuring my head would be the first step, I need help for actual construction (For those people who haven't played portal http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/8/80533/1765523-wheatley.jpg )) But I haven't a clue what materials to use and how to make it

I'm also new to how to make this kind of cosplay so sorry if I get confused on how stuff is used or how to acquire the materials people suggest. It'd be great if someone could help me

13 Aug 2012 - 15:3089235
Well, I'm not too sure myself I'll be honest but here's a bit of help in some lovely people as GlaDOS, Chen and a turret from Portal:

This was taken last year at MCM Expo (October I believe), hopefully it gives you a bit of inspiration.

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