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12 Aug 2012 - 19:3189205
How long do you spend making a costume?
I'm making my first costume and putting alot of man hours into making it so far. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I am trying to get it as close as possible as well.

I was just curious how long people generally spend on making their costumes? And how much you put in?

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12 Aug 2012 - 19:3889207

Is what I'd like to say.

But usually, I'm a dreadful procrastinator, so get it done the week before the convention. So a solid week.

Cost wise; anything. I'm serious. If my money allows it, any amount to get it done is fine with me.

Ayacon Plans
12 Aug 2012 - 19:5089209
months sometimes, and sometimes days....it depends on the costume andn how long it takes me to get it looking right.....cnt stand it if something looks off lol

12 Aug 2012 - 20:1089211
Phew, it's not just me then! lol

I've just spent nearly the whole weekend sewing the detailing into just one of my 'boots' for the costume and I haven't even finished yet!

I like big Boats, I cannot lie - Isabela

12 Aug 2012 - 21:0589212
Im awful when it comes to procrastination XD

I can happily make a start like months and months in advance and do about 30-40% before not touching it until like 3 weeks before the event XD

Alcon 2016

13 Aug 2012 - 10:1289223
Many hours generally!

I'm currently working on everything in bits of time I can grab between looking after my kids, so it's taking forever to even get tiny bits done. Still I managed to design, pattern draft and make four bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress in 4 months with a newborn and a toddler, so anything is achievable if I keep plugging away!

14 Aug 2012 - 12:3489293
Usually it depends on just how complex the costume is.

Sometimes there are cosplays I need to order clothing for, like with Hetalia [involves searching for old military stuff on eBay, really]. And then there's the wait of it arriving.

When I'm hand-making a cosplay, I tend to get really nervous about doing anything permanent, so I always pin it together, and tack it together, and try it on about five times before I even begin to sew it together.

Because I've got a sewing machine, though, that bit goes by really quickly.

I also get distracted by online wonders, so my cosplay-making is on and off. It takes me around a day to make a single item of clothing, at a rough estimate. So one day to make a jacket, one day to make a shirt.

Seems it doesn't matter how complex the actual item is, I just don't like making more than one thing a day!

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
14 Aug 2012 - 19:1789313
The day after a con to the day just before the con.

14 Aug 2012 - 19:5089318
I'm working on my first costume at the moment and its taking quite a while but I am procrastinating A LOT

I still have a month till the con though so its ok haha

I've only made the props so far because every time I do a layer of this metallic paint I have to let it dry over night -___-

I've been sewing and making my on halloween costumes and such since I was a little tot so i'm not really worried about the actual costume. I have all the fabric now so it should only take about 3 days tops to make it all

21 Aug 2012 - 21:1789693
My first cosplay was 3 days, but that wasn't really that good and for a con. My last one was 2 and a half days because my Auntie made it. But she's really good at dress making. I'm making my Pirate!Seychelles cosplay, and I'm predicting about 5 months ^^

¡Viva España! XD

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21 Aug 2012 - 21:3889695
about 2/3 months on and off just depends on the costume really some will take more than other

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