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09 Aug 2012 - 19:2289093
Looking For Members of my new COSPLAY GROUP!!!!
Hi Cosplayers ^_^
So in June/July I founded my new Cosplay Group known as Tenoth Cosplays. I was going to stick to just it being a 1 member group, but decided to change that resently.

I am looking for new members in the South West England area and if possible Close to Dorset/South Coast of Dorset, It would really help if you can pass this on to cosplayers round the area to thanks ~

If anyones intrested please let me know here at Cosplay Island or let me know on my facebook fan page 'Tenoth Cosplays' ^_^


09 Aug 2012 - 22:5389102
im kinda a noob to but i would love to get involved and im on the south coast

Southampton Re Con September 2012 - Gaara
London MCM October 2012 - Gaara - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
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