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08 Aug 2012 - 14:3589009
Naked Snake's Radio
Hello to all the MSG fans out there!
As you've no doubt figured out from the title, I'll be cosplaying Naked Snake from MGS3.
However, I'm having some trouble tracking down a suitable radio unit.

As you can see, the switch box is attached to his Stabo harness, with 2 wires running out and to the throat microphone. You can't see it, but there's a small earpiece which runs into his left ear.
Ebay and amazon haven't yielded any replicas, nor genuine articles.
If anybody could help with this, I'd be very grateful.

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
08 Aug 2012 - 20:3089033
I'm afraid your image has broken. Could you supply a new one please?

Ayacon Plans
08 Aug 2012 - 21:4689038
I was going to suggest a throat mic I have for my Motorola but sadly it seems to have been discontinued, you may be able to find people still selling it though. Presumably you don't need a working unit so it could easily be modified.

Amazon have a listing for it

I got mine from here

Hope that was of some help!

08 Aug 2012 - 22:0689046
This is in stock, is pretty much the same and is 7 quid.

11 Aug 2012 - 03:3689149
When I cosplayed the boss (and used for female naked snake)I made my codec from scratch.

Like Sparrowhawk mentioned you need a throat mic, I can't remember how much a paid for mine but yeah the cheaper the better. Head to poundland/99p shop and pick up a cheap pair of earphones. Also while your there get some foam sheets, black electical tape or duct tape, silver paint (spray, acrylic or nail polish), black and white acrylic paint for detail and one of those crappy phone cases with a clip on the back (or just a redundant piece of plastic you may have lying round your house). Ok so making the codec is pretty bodge central but can look really effective.

Step 1: Make a small box out of foam.

Step 2: Make the front details out of foam (a square the same size as the box with a circle cut out and then a circle dial)

Step 3: Paint the whole thing Silver.

Step 4: Paint remaining details with acrylic paint.

Step 5: Hot glue clip you ripped off crappy phone case onto the back of the unit. (you will need to add a webbing strip horizontally onto your harness in order to attatch it or you could skip this step and just hold it on to the harness with duct tape? This is what I did because it was made in a rush :S)

Step 6: Put your harness on and place your codec onto the harness in the correct place. Now put on your throat mic. There should be a cable running out of it out the front. Guide this cable and make a hole in the top of the codec to put the wire through (this can be hot glued or taped for security.) Make sure you have enough slack to move your head without ripping it out but also not so much that it's dragging

Step 7: Cut one of the earpieces off the ear phones. Tape the cut to prevent weakening the cable. Put the earpiece into your left ear and the cable along the black of your neck and again push into the top of the box. (Hot glue/tape for security)

And ta-da you have your very own codec and all for under £10 You can do it another way where you make the codec out of clay and then make a silicon mold and cast it but this will make it more expensive and the method described can look really effective. If anything doesn't make sense feel free to pm or post Hope that helps

11 Aug 2012 - 03:5389151
Big Boss' VOX-PITT Switch Box radio sadly doesn't exist and is slightly impossible to find. Like every other MGS cosplayer, you will have to make it.

Like the two lovely people above me just said, you'll need a throat mic. The 2nd link that Sparrowhawk posted is the one I brought for when I cosplayed Big Boss. However, if your going for accurate look and actual throat mic then the one Big Boss used in 1964 - 1970 is a WWII Western Electric D173077 model.

Now follow gaming_goddess' tutorial that she posted up as well. And there you got yourself a radio.

All the help I'm going to give is this layout: http://demon-vice-commander.deviantart.com/art/VOX-PTT-Switch-Box-Snake-Eater-172156169

Remember, the radio's size is 2.25" x 3.0".

I wish you luck on your cosplay. If any more help on Big Boss, just PM. ;3

11 Aug 2012 - 04:2989152
Quote Nii Nii Danna:

All the help I'm going to give is this layout: http://demon-vice-commander.deviantart.com/art/VOX-PTT-Switch-Box-Snake-Eater-172156169

Remember, the radio's size is 2.25" x 3.0".

I really like that link Definatly makes a lot more sense then my wafflings (and I couldn't remember the dimensions so thanks for that )

20 Sep 2012 - 19:5091351
Thanks for the help guys. It's all dried and ready to go.
If I can bug you for one more piece of advice that'd be great.
Snake's CQC knife that's attached to his harness above the slide adjuster - can anybody point me towards the holster for it?
Near as I can tell, it's brown leather. I can replicate the look no problem, it's just getting hold of it that's proving tricky. Navigating ebay and amazon uk hasn't yielded anything and my local army surplus stores don't have much in the way of stock.
Thanks in advance.

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
21 Sep 2012 - 00:0891368
I originally bought a fancy dress indian knife then I painted it brown. But later I had a leather Knife and holster made for me by Squall_Wolfheart:

So it would probably be worth messaging him directly to either get him to make you one, or talk you throught the process

21 Sep 2012 - 01:0591369
I made the holster myself using brown pleather.

19 Oct 2012 - 11:2492796
Last last last last last question I promise!
My cosplay is done - the only thing I'm worried about is strapping the survival knife to my leg. Electrical tape doesn't look right, and masking tape doesn't quite do it justice.
Would you guys mind telling me what you used?

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
25 Oct 2012 - 23:3393120
My holster has a piece of string which is attatched to each corner but as one continual piece, then I simple added it to the cosplay by looping the string over the holster. It also ends up giving a zig zag pattern like naked snake has

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