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07 Aug 2012 - 21:0888963
Everything needs to go!
I'm looking to make some space and let go of a lot of stuff I don't need any more. REASONABLE price negotiations are accepted and P&P IS NOT included, but will be calculated once you let me know what you want. PM me for further information/purchase and I shall get back to you.

Paypal is preferred, but I can do concealed cash, postal order OR if you're going to Alcon, I can take payment there : )

This has been cross posted to my facebook, so these items MIGHT possibly go in the meantime.


Draw Your Own Manga: Beyond the Basics book

A really nice quality, in depth book. Really good condition, barely even been flicked through.

£4 + P&P

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Doujin: "Phantom of the Nightmare"

I paid more than I'd planned to for this. There's a fair amount of nice artwork but a lot of fanfiction in Japanese.

£4 + P&P

Maria Holic manga, vols 1, 3 & 4

Can't really justify another series to start collecting, so I have to let these go. Very good condition, only flicked through once or twice.

£2 each or a fiver for the lot + P&P

Tokyopop Sneaks, vol. 2

Quite old but in wonderful condition. Compilation of a variety of chapters from different manga series. Makes really good reference material!

£1 each + P&P

Van von Hunter manga, vol.1

£2 + P&P


£2 + P&P

Anime DVD boxset - bought from The Works a long time ago. Includes a few taster episodes of each series:

- Tenchi Muyo
- Chobits
- Lunar Legend Tsukihime
- Haibane Renmei
- Serial Experiments Lain
- R.O.D the TV
- Paranoia Agent
- The Adventures of Mini-Goddess
- Gungrave

Some real classics, the box says there's over 15 hours of anime, so it's a good lot you'll be getting.

£7 + P&P

Jessie and James figures, can't even remember when I bought them.

£3 + P&P

Manga resource books. Did me well when I was first drawing in the style.

£2 each + P&P

Vol. 1 Aranzi Machine Gun. Really quirky book, not amazing quality glue binding, so it may be a bit delicate.

£2 + P&P

Kuroshitsuji Musical Tour tee. Bought at the musical while it was touring Japan, so it's very hard to find. Never worn because there was a mix up on the sizing. Ladies S, but bear in mind it's Asian sizing.

£15 + P&P, but I paid a considerable amount more, so I'm not willing to go TOO much lower.

Kuroshitsuji transparencies/pencil boards.

Bought at a con, I have a Drocell one too which I will upload.

£2 + P&P

American McGee's Alice

Never actually got round to installing this on my PC and with how slow it is nowadays, I doubt I ever will. I've heard good things about it though.

£3 + P&P

Visual Kei/Jrock style trousers. Detachable lace-up legs, cross print fabric. Never worn, they were bought and never fit but I really need to get rid of them.

Size says large but I think this is Asian sizing, I was a 12/14 at the time and they didn't fit so I'm thinking more a size 10.

£7 + P&P

MUCC 2008 tour shirt, bought at their gig in Birmingham on the Taste of Chaos tour. Rarely worn. Men's Small.

£3 + P&P

Disney Marie the Cat plush. Bought from the Disney shop but has sat on a shelf for ages with the tags still on.

£5 + P&P

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13 Aug 2012 - 17:2189237
More stuff on the way!

Happy Tree Friends "Winter Break" DVD

Not actually ever watched it so it's in pretty good nick
The case says "Over six episodes worth of merry mayhem" - half hour run time with bonus features.

£2 + P&P

PANDA-Z - The Robonimation

Quirky cartoon, 15 short episodes at about 5min long. Comes with bonus features.

£2 + P&P

COSMODE magazine

Pretty hefty magazine documenting cosplayers in Asia. Really good for inspiration and reference, and even has a few tutorials.

Comes with tailcoat pattern (in Japanese), small cosplay photobook and anime/manga photocards.

£4 + P&P

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