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06 Aug 2012 - 13:5488853
Selling cosplay costumes (D.gray-man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn), wigs, props, etc.
Okay so I am in a bit of a money pinch and decided to sell costumes and things I won’t be using anymore.

You can either send me an ask or fanmail (better since tumblr has a tendency of eating asks) or contact me here: masheq92@gmail.com

Everything I am selling has been used only once or not at all so it is in perfect condition.


LAVI (D.Gray-Man - second uniform) - 125 $ (FULL costume, everything you see in the pictures, without the wig. the wig is +18$)
I have worn this costume only once for a photoshooting, it is in perfect condition, my height is aroud 166 cm, but the costume is a tad too big for me so it’ll fit anyone from 165 - 170 let’s say. Probably a bit smaller or bigger too.

I am selling the whole costume which includes the upper jacket, pants (2 pieces), belt and pouches, strap on one leg, gloves, under shirt, head band (one came with the costume, but I bought a separate one and will add both to the costume) and scarf (the original was white, but I can add the orange scarf as well). I hope I didn’t miss anything. Pictures:

IRIE SHOICHI (Millefiore uniform) - 90 $ (Full costume, everything in the pictures, without the wig, wig is +18$)

Used this costume only once for a convention in Germany, it’s in great condition, a tad too big for me so it will fit someone from 165 - 175 cm. The costume includes the upper jacket, two belts, the pants, leg pieces (black). I won’t include the glasses or headphones since I still use those. There are two rings that can go with the costume, they come in white and blue color (I will include those in the costume as well). And if needed the shoulder plates which I made by myself can be included (+18$) - not perfect but they look great and are cheaper than the rest so far I’ve been looking. Pictures:


~Black, shoulder length wig (picture coming once I get to my uni apartment) - 20$

~Blue- Daemon Spade wig -25$

~Red short, spiky wig.-(Used for Lavi and Irie Shoichi) - 20$

~Short blue, spiky wig. - (used for Kaito - Vocaloid)- 20$

OTHER THINGS (plushies, hats, etc.)

Renji plushie (Bleach) - 20$
Urahara Kisuke hat (Bleach) - 20$
Katekyo Hitman Reborn rings (Millefiore) - 5 rings, each is 5$, all together 20$ (box included)
Harry Potter - Gryffindor scarf and hat. - 27$ (picture once I get to my uni apartment)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Hibari and Mukuro bag. - 25$ (never used. perfect condition and quite big. Can fit loads of stuff in)

This is it for now, I’ll go through my closet again, see if I can find anything else I don’t have a use of.

I ALSO HAVE A FEW MANGAS. (which I need to check first, since I don’t really know which volumes I have, I have 5 Bleach ones, a Death Note one and a Kuroshitsuji one (this one is Volume 1 I think?)

I’ll go through them and see what I won’t miss.

!Payment is via Paypal, or if you live in my country it can be through post or we could meet somewhere. !

I think this is it for now…enjoy my crappy phone pictures ;3; and my derpy face on some of the pictures.

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