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05 Aug 2012 - 22:0788823
Arcana Heart 3 Sunnycon Cosplay Group!
Hey guys!
for Sunnycon 2013 I'm planning an Arcana Heart 3 cosplay group since I made a Konoha cosplay but only got to wear it once, so this is a chance to do it more. Any one interested? Here's the characters:

Akane Inuwaka

Angelia Avallone

Catherine Kyohbashi

Clarice Di Lanza

Dorothy Albright


Elsa La Conti

Fiona Mayfield

Heart Aino

Kamui Tokinomiya

Kira Daidohji

Konoha - Crap Rocket Red

Lieselotte Achenbach

Lilica Felchenerow

Maori Kasuga


Mildred Avallone

Nazuna Inuwaka

Parace L'sia

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist

Saki Tsuzura



Yoriko Yasuzumi

Zenia Valov


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