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05 Aug 2012 - 08:2088778
I can't keep my wings level!
I've finally made my wire and cellophane wings, but I can't get them to keep level on my back/shoulders!

I've tried various configurations of ribbons (under and over my shoulders, crossed over my chest, webbing style), and tried to use plastic "backplates" to provide stability. But I still have them twisting and going lopsided.

How can I keep them in place but not make them significantly heavier or bulkier? They need to be worn with a vest-top.

06 Aug 2012 - 03:1688831
Do you have a picture of what's happening with them, and how you currently have them attatched =)

06 Aug 2012 - 12:3288846
At the moment, no. I took it apart again

I was trying various configurations to see which was most stable. Most of the designs are using thick ribbbon arranged rucksack-strap style. The problem is that they are top heavy (although overall they're quite light) and when I move about a bit one wing will dip and the backplate will rotate to one side and they go lopsided.

I'm now looking at actual rucksack straps with the adjustable buckle thingys. But maybe I just need a counter-balance?

06 Aug 2012 - 12:5288848
What kind of rucksack strap?

If they're top heavy, you're gonna need to add a chest strap which goes across your chest as well, like you can kinda see in this picture.

Those straps are designed to keep the backpack as still as possible, because things shifting when you're hiking can cause serious harm.

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12 Aug 2012 - 07:5389187
*forehead slap*

I've just realised where my problem lies. I was attaching the straps to the wings all close together, so no matter how secure the straps were to me, they acted like a pivot point for the wings!

I'm now attaching them to a secure base (like the pack or a backpack itself) and will space my straps better to provide more stability.

Thanks for all your help and time!


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