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08 Jun 2012 - 15:0185723
did someone throw a phoenix down on this thread!? lol


To name a few bands/muscians I listen to -

Tom Waits
Johnny Cash
Roy Orbison
Kanye West
Elvis Presley
Blink 182
Phil Collins
The Wurzels (lol)

I listen to most genres tbh lol I used to DJ so I had to lol

08 Jun 2012 - 23:0685745
Most people seem to have me down as a death metal head. Which is partly true. But I love loads of genres! My main genres are metal, hip hop/rap, soundtracks, electronica/techno... Also I dunno if it's a bad thing but Dubstep is starting to actually grow on me. XD

Anywhoo, my favourite bands/bands I BLARE out of my car would be:

- Nujabes/any of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack
- Dethklok
- Wu Tang Clan
- Dir En Grey
- Zeebra
- Ozrasaurus
- Diverse
- GITS Soundtrack
- Insane Clown Posse
- Mad Capsule Markets
- Miyavi
- The Myriad Burial
- Job for a Cowboy
- New Found Glory
- System of a Down

Well, all that kinda TOUCHES on it. I listen to waaaaay more stuff than that, but I won't write it down for fear of creating an endless mountain of death. D:

Most importantly though, I am absolutely addicted to Nujabes music. Sometimes I just can't stop listening to all of it, I'd really recommend his stuff to anyone who likes instrumental!

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09 Jun 2012 - 05:4285749
Quote Numta:
did someone throw a phoenix down on this thread!? lol

It was the Spambot of Necromancy!

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

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17 Jun 2012 - 03:1986234
I'm really into Vocaloid, Coldplay, Simple Plan, Queen, and some old, country songs...

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17 Jun 2012 - 11:4486241
As long as it sounds good im not usally fussed but I do like...

Bon Jovi
Many DDR songs (particually the ones by Naoki)
80s and 90s in general <3 They're the best!
Alice Nine
Kotami Kinya
Utada Hikaru

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