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04 Aug 2012 - 11:4188749
Final Fantasy Meet for MCM Expo October 2012
Hey ho everyone!

So I guess you all know me and my ritual meets with all the Final Fantasy Cosplayers and here is the line up with the Round-Up for October.

MCM October 2012
FF Aeon Team - Alice Siegwart
FF Ex Mode Team - Marcella Daniƫlle Jahnke and Goldie Neko
FF Dirge of Cerberus Team - Chloe Mitchell - Sun
FFVII - Crisis Core - J-Ney Antique and Dando Starkspeed (Friday)
FFX/X-2 - Sarah Byrne
FFVIII - Declan Minchew
FFI - FFVI - Katie Clark
FFIX- Jamie Ruxtano Davies

These are the groups currently in running and organized throughout the weekend.

Some of the dates haven't been confirmed yet but for the most part I believe that they will be running all weekend.

Sasashie- , ralaxcelm- ,J_Auron- and a couple of other people will be running all the meets and photoshoots with Trinity Wisdom Studios and any other photographers that come along (which is usually a lot when we do the big round-up shots

Here's a Sample of what we're normally doing! So if you're not there on time, you might not be here for such epic shots


We're going to be meeting at around 12pm on Saturday and Sunday and 3pm on Friday so if you're coming along it would be great

I'm personally heading the VII:Crisis Core Group and we're almost complete I believe ^_^

Anyhu Thats the annoucement, will update as it goes along, feel free to post here though to ask if there are any other groups forming.
normally everyone gathers and then you tend to find more from your series as it goes ^_^

Find us here on facebook to be a part of the mayhem.

Always updated on your Daily and latest news on Final Fantasy as well as Cosplay progress from some of our Amazing cosplayers (eyeing Darkerlink and her Bahamut )

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04 Aug 2012 - 19:0788759
Will be there Vinny still fits.

To Those Who Loved This World, And Knew Friendly Company Therin: This Reunion Is For You.
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