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02 Aug 2012 - 16:0088635
gummies at expo
i was thinking as part of my cid highwind line up for this october, as going as kingdom hearts cid . and hes pretty well know for building space ships from gummi blocks and selling them / fitting them ... anyways i was thinking of bringing along some shaped gummy sweets and giving them out to people who give hugs and photos etc . is this allowed ? and does anyone know where i can get some plain shaped gummies as wine gums and stuff have writing on them (they must be flavoured not that kinda plain) ? i was also concerned about allergic reactions and stuff . any views ......

cosplay forever

21 Aug 2012 - 22:1089702
Well, I don't really know of anything in the con rules that forbids people handing out sweets and food. I remember some Homestuck cosplayers with a bag of candy corn last May.

As for actually sourcing your gums, try checking online someplace. Or you could look up recipes on how to make fruit gums. I'm sure they're very simple to make and probably just consist of gelatine and some flavouring.

Remind people before they take a sweet of the ingredients, so they can be aware of them, just in case of allergies. Gelatine is also made from bones, so you should point that out in case you are dealing with vegans/vegetarians.

quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
21 Aug 2012 - 23:0389707
I can't see it being an issue really. If you're taking them out of its original packet to put into some other container you could have the packet in your bag/pocket in case someone asks but my view is if someone is allergic they should know and be smart enough to ask before putting it in their mouth or just refuse completely just in case.
You can't really be responsible for other people.

As to where to get them, I have no idea sorry, maybe have a look in Tesco etc they might have an own brand that are generic enough for what you want.

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