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29 Jul 2012 - 14:2888354
Asami Sato - Pattern problems
Hey, was just wondering if anyone could give me any guidance on how to make the dark red high-collar piece of clothing that Asami wears under her black jacket?

I'm not sure how to go about making it wrap around like that, and I'm really not good with patterning, so any help would be appreciated

29 Jul 2012 - 16:1788357
Looks to me like a wrapped bottom half- maybe buttoned, then teh top is fixed. So like a pull over dress. Almost like a shift dress.
The collar is relatively simple looking- google standing collars or collar types and you can get a few good tutorials on how to make/pattern it.
If it were me I'd make a regular scoop neck of a good depth then measure your neck and make the collar to approx that size give or take a few cm for seam allowance.

29 Jul 2012 - 18:1088361
Yeah! Amazing anime physics FTW!

Unless trying to make costumes.

It looks like it's suppose to be a wrap dress, but I think your best option is make it so it has those curves. It does mean you'll have to fasten it with either snap fasteners or hooks and eyes though. You can use a chinese style top as base pattern, but make the front panels different, and add the bottom bit.

Okay, this is from HER POV. So it's her left and right.

From the collar, go left until it sits on the left breast

Stop midway over, then go until it sits on the right hip.

The go the other way again until it opens in the middle.

You'll have to make this by yourself. I doubt there is a pattern that fits. However, joys with the other front opening is that you don't need to have a custom shaped panel - just a straight panel which sits about the armpit. Have a Snap fastening there, to secure it. You'll need fastenings that hit the main points of the garment too (left breast, right hip) as well as a couple going down the front. The belt/sash will hide a multitude of sins.

Not sure if this is helpful, but currently have thunderstorm over my head so typing this as fast as possible before I lose my internet.

Ayacon Plans
04 Aug 2012 - 10:0788743
Mock up a collar using card/paper. Take a look at it on yourself in the mirror until you're happy with the shape, don't be afraid to adjust and restick with tape until you have it right.

Use that as your pattern piece (remember seam allowance!). Iron stiff interfacing on it to make it stand up. I actually have very good results lining things with cotton drill and felt to make it stiff enough.

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