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29 Jul 2012 - 00:5288347
[S] Wigs & Cosplays / Random Manga/Anime Bits and bobs.
Ok- i really have no need for these anymore and i don't have any future plans for them at all. And they are taking up WAY too much room for my liking so they have to go.

P&P won't be including unless stated otherwise.
I am willing to put things on a hold for you, but if it takes too long i'll put them back up for sale. Seems fair really.


Black short bob. Beautiful fibre, easy to brush. Doesn't get tangled. Comes to shoulder length, however i have a small head so it may come a little higher than the shoulders Photos here Was used for my Julie cosplay. I paid a lot for this, so my price stands at £15 with no P&P included. NOT HEAT RESISTANT
You can try and offer me, depends on my mood hah.

Long black wig. Pretty thick, easy to brush. Does get tangled but the tangles come out dead easy if brushed from bottom to top. The style of it has a full cut fringe and comes down the waist. NOT HEAT RESISTANT.
Photos here Was used for my Numbah 3 Cosplay. Asking price £10 with P&P.

Long Wavy Orange Pumpkin wig. Very nice fibre, very smooth. Doesn't tangle and is easily brushed. Was used for my amy pond cosplay but it really didn't go as it was a bit too orange for my liking, but i love the wig and don't want to it to go. But i have no use for it anymore! Photo of wig Asking Price £12 without P&P

Medium Length Pumpkin Orange Wig. Beautiful colour, easy brush when tangled. Was going to cut and use for my Rena Cosplay but i found a different wig and no longer need this. Photo of Wig Asking Price £10 without P&P


Sora Kingdom Hearts ll Costume.
Ok the deal here is that it comes in parts. Strange i know. But this is how me and my mother made it. Top and Jacket are normal and just slip them on like normal. The deal with teh pants is that it comes in 3 parts. You ready? Ok, you have blue jeans (you can have these or have your own they are a size 10-12 i believe) and the black parts slip over the trousers and over the top is the pockets and yellow strap. Confusing, i know. But it was the only way my mother could put it together within a day. I havent worn this since 2009. Made it in 2008. The only thing that doesn't come with the costume is the shoes, i never made them. And the wig got destroyed.

Top size 10-14 (It's quite big so it will just drop down)
Everything else is 10-12
If you want the jeans you can take them as well.
Here are the photos individually;
Jacket The jacket has pockets at the front, yes that means you can put your hands in there hah.
Slip on pant thingys and here they are when over the jeans Photo At the top they were made to go over a belt, so you can thread a belt through them to keep them up.
Pockets/Yellow Strap
I can throw in the gloves and Necklace, however they will only fit a small hand, and the necklace will only fit over a very small head. Here are some photos just incase. But i won't put these in if you don't want them. Yes, i am very small XD Gloves & Chain Necklace

And here it all is all packed up Photo and how it will arrive if bought.
I'm asking for about £50 for this but i am open to offers.

Here is me wearing the costume on Halloween in 2009

i do however have the keyblade that goes with the costume.
If you are wanting the keyblade i can put it up for sale. (DOES NOT COME WITH COSTUME PRICE) If you are interested in the KEYBLADE ONLY please PM me and i'll see what i can do!

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show. T-Shirt Only! Will fit a size 10-12 Maybe a 14 as it does stretch around the arms and has a wide open collar. £5 without P&P. Photo

Toradora! Girls School Uniform! I'm thinking of not cosplaying from Toradora! Anymore due to not having Taigas wig anymore as i sold it, and for looking so hard for a wig for Minorin that i've given up. It's very comfortable to wear, and has been washed since it has been last worn. I wore this to Manchester Expo last year. I loved wearing it. But to be honest i've kind of lost interest in wearing it. I tried wearing it the other day and i just didn't have the feel for it anymore. So here i am selling it! It took at least 3 days to make Pleated skirts are annoying! This will fit a size 10-12. I have big hips so the skirt should fit a size 12. If you need measurements i can be sure to get them for you! Just PM me for any details you require! Includes; Shirt, Jacket, Skirt and Knee High Socks. I'm asking around £40 for this with NO P&P. Just because a lot of work has been put into it. Here is me wearing the cosplay

Other bits and bobs;

Chinese Black and Silver Dress. Very long, Too long for my height hah! I'm 5ft3' and it reaches the ground. I feel so small. I wore this for a chinese new year at the Chinese restaurant where i work. So long ago, and i have no need for it. It says M on the label but it fits at least a size 8, maybe a small size 10. The design on it is what brought me to love it so much i bought it! hah! The design is silver don't let the lightning on the photos fool you. It's made from a silky fabric and is very smooth. Asking price £15 without P&P I paid a lot for this, so i don't think i'd go any lower than 15. Photo of the full length

Yu-Gi-Oh Taz/pog things. There is 8 of them. Them being; Exodia the forbidden one(3), Rude Kaiser(23), Pegasus(25), Blue-eyes toon Dragon(26), Thousand-eyes restrict(28), Manga Ryu-Ran(31), Mai(33) & Hapie Lazy Sisters(35). Back / Front 20p each or all for £1 Without P&P.

Naruto Plushie he needs a new home. I've gotten rid of my other plushies and he seems so alone hah. I'm asking for £5 without P&P for him. His foot on the photo is ripped, but i have fixed it since the photo was taken. So he looks new Photo

Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP game. I've played it too many times that i cannot be bothered with it anymore and i've kind of lost interest in Final Fantasy. Asking price £12 without P&P

Naruto Frog Purse Well bought this for my naruto cosplay that i have planned but i don't use purses ever, so i doubt i'll be using this anytime soon and i bought it and then realised, 'would i really use this..? naaaah' hah. Asking Price £3 without P&P. Photo

Gameboy Tetris Game Bought it, played it.. don't want it anymore hah! £1 without P&P The front of the sticker is worn but the game still works!

Air Gear Manga! I have volumes 1,2,4,5,6,7. 4,5,6 are still wrapped! Prices are £2.50 each without P&P. Photo

Rosario+ vampire Manga! I have Volumes 1,2,3. £2.50 each without P&P.

Minima Manga! Read it, not really my style. So selling it as it's taking up too much room. £2.50 without P&P.

Other Manga £2.50 Each. Photo
What is in the picture from top left to bottom Right.
D.Gray-man Vol 1
A.I I LOVE YOU Volumes 1 & 2
Rozen Maiden Vol 1
KH: Chain Of Memories vol 1 SOLD
Darren Shan vol 1
Peach Girl vol 1-6

Beyblade Bits and pieces These are just bits and pieces that are parts from beyblades and the rip thingys. I have no use for these. So it's a job lot all for £8 or just like 50p each for one thing. If altogether i can include Postage and Packaging. If one thing no P&P.
What is in the picture; Photo
(forgive me, i dont know the names of them)
1 Handle
3x Pull things
3x body things
3x bottom parts of beyblades
4x top parts of beyblades (one is from Max's beylade, and one is from Tyson's i think)
1x middle part.
4x metal rings

Pokemon Platinum DS I bought this and realised i sold my Pokemon Diamond and didn't think. I've played some of it, but i only wanted it to trade pokemon to my Diamond. Well doesn't work if you sold it. like the derp i am haha! It works fine and the box isn't damaged. Asking price £15 without P&P.

Black ankle Shoes. Suitable for Cosplaying as school girls. I used these for my Yui cosplay at the London Expo Last year. They are very comfortable and are padded inside I paid £20 for these but willing to sell them for £12 without P&P Comes with box! Photo Oh and they are Womens UK size 7!

And i think that's all i've got!
If you have any question or want any more pictures or anything explained please don't be hesitant to give me a PM! I will be sure to answer anything!

Thanks for looking!

Instagram - cowiee
MAL - glittlergalaxy

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16 Aug 2012 - 19:1889426

I am interested in your medium length pumpkin wig. (I am Mskitty's friend who sent you a PM).

How much would postage be and would you be able to show a picture of the wig in natural light so I can better judge the colour?

Many Thanks

13 Sep 2012 - 19:4090860
Hey! I was just wondering if your long orange wig was still for sale, and would I be able to pick it up and pay for it at October Expo if so?

"She was batting her eyes in a way that she probably thought was highly seductive, but actually just looked like she was trying to pilot a yacht with her eyelashes."
06 Nov 2013 - 18:13108923
Medium length orange wig

Do you still have the medium orange wig for sale please and could it work for misty from pokemon do you think?

Would you be willing to cut it into a Misty style please?

Many thanks,


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