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28 Jul 2012 - 19:5088334
Kenpachi Cosplay Help
does anyone know how to make his eye patch and what to use to make his scar e.g face paint.....

05 Aug 2012 - 02:1288775
For the eye patches there are people selling them on anime workshops for ridiculous prices when they look just like a regular black satin eyepatch to me. -_-

So as for making one. I would be tempted to make it out Matt PVC or Pleather Fabric in Black and gold and hot glue together (or you Impact spray adhesive as this works really well on just about everything but if can be a little messy. There is a liquid tin version which you paint on but I have no experience with this. Though if you opt for this glue but it from Wilkinsons as they are by far the cheapest place I've seen it)

All the front pieces would be made with Pleather and then the back segments with elastic in order to give it some stretch to put in on your head. Again you could buy something like this:


and then build your eyepatch from that if your not confident on making it from scratch.

I've drawn an "amazing" paint image that describes what I was trying to get at. Also I'm not sure what version of Kenpachi you are doing as some have gold trim and some doesnt. Some people may suggest painting the gold on with Acrylic paint but I find that using gold matt pleather would give a better effect. Also in the diagram the elastic is depicted as red purely for diagramtical purposes - please use black elastic in the actual - and have it the same width as the pleather. You could possible opt for 2way stretch matt vinyl instead of pleather/elastic and there are stretch pleathers that exist but they are generally going to bump the price up.

As for scar makeup - this isn't really my forte but there are scar latex kits that you can buy that look really effective. And there are lot of tutorials on youtube that explain how to apply if the instructions arn't very clear.

06 Aug 2012 - 16:3888870
thank you so much

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