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26 Jul 2012 - 11:2288238
MGS 3 Young Ocelot costume
Does anyone know where to get young ocelots jacket and trousers from.I cant seem to find it.

02 Aug 2012 - 00:1988592
I have a little look round and I can't find any russian military jackets that are correct for a young ocelot but I've seen several cosplayers in the past who have bought black american BDU jackets and modified them. This would also be the cheapest way to make Ocelot as most vintage items come with a vintage price tag :S


So yeah I know they didnt have ripstop during the cold war but we can overlook that (unless you want to pay more to have non-ripstop fabric - thats your call - personally I never bother )

In any case if you remove the upper pockets with a stitch unpicker (be gentle so you don't put a whole in the jacket) And add the lapels and things

As for the trousers he is wearing Jodhpurs. I tried to do a quick search to see if I could find any to buy but not much luck. I think you'd be better off using this pattern:

And making them yourself out of cotton drill or something like that

Or actually you could always buy a really wide legged/slightly bigger than your waist pair of black BDU trousers and then take fabric out of the lower leg to make that section fitted and wear a belt underneath to pull everything in but you would have the right shape. I hope that means sense

Actually this shows you a nice picture of what I'm waffling on about

Personally I would do the second method of modifying exisiting trousers cause trousers are a pain

Hope that helps Feel free to PM or write back here if you want any other pointers

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