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19 Jul 2012 - 09:1187916
Putty Patrol Wanted! London October Expo
Not sure if this belongs in this part of the forum but I shall keep it here until it moves

Me and a group of friends are attending the October Expo as the Power Rangers again. We had such fun in May that we are going to improve the costumes and hopefully enter the Masquerade.

We thought it would be great to add some more people to our group and mainly a Putty Patrol as our Rita Repulsa looked mighty lonely in May. We have already recruited a Lord Z to add to the evil clan but we have yet to find any puttys.

If anyone is interested please message me on here or comment below. You can also email us at
and we will get back to you.

I know this costume isn't the hardest to do as it is only a morphsuit and a mask but I think it would be great fun if we could get a group together

Cheers Guys!

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