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18 Jul 2012 - 11:2987856
outfits+wigs of 【Miku】【Kikyo】【Haruhi】【Shana】for sale!
Hatsume Miku's outfit in the PSP game 【Project Diva 2】
The item is like NEW as only worn for few times!
It is made with quality material (It took me days to finally choose them!) and tailored by very good tailor. As you can see from my photos they are quite original and nicely made.


Suitable for female size XS to S, around 6-10

The wig is also very high quality, with heat defense, therefore you can wash it and curve it again and again. The wig is in very good condition.
I am selling the full set: wig, the flower on head, the dress and the gloves
For only 【60】including postage

Kikyo outfit in 【InuYasha】
Like NEW…only worn for once!!!
This outfit is very nicely made. Unlike other kikyo outfits (which the sleeves are triangles), this dress’s sleeves are rectangles (the way it supposed to be!)


The outfit is a bit big for me, therefore suitable for female size range from XS to M or even L, around 6-12…
The dress included a red inner top (kosode), a white outer top (kosode), ribbons on the sleeves and the bottom (hakama).

For only 【35】including postage

Haruhi Suzu outfit in 【haruhi suzu series】


Again, like NEW, I only worn for once!
Size XS-S, 6-10
Oh including the red bandage I made as well
For only 【30】including postage

Shana short sleeves school uniform in 【Shana】


Again, like new, only worn for twice.
Size XS-S, 6-10

Including the very long red wig, the wig is in good condition.
For only 【45】including postage

ohohoh...finally, if you are interested, please contact me on 07515119934 or
Thank you very much!

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01 Jun 2013 - 19:58103437
Do you still have kikyo cosplay?
If so, can you pm me?

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