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16 Jul 2012 - 19:4987740
SunnyCon 2013 Cosplay Competition
Hi guys trying to get this out there as early as possible to give people more time to plan but SunnyCon in Sunderland is going big this year and up for grabs is £2000 to the winner of our cosplay competition. If anyone fancies a go to win the biggest cash prize in cosplay in Europe we'd love to see you there

SunnyCon 2013

17 Jul 2012 - 07:0887768
Wow... Did you speak to the organisers of some other cons before deciding to offer this? They all do kudos-based and small prizes with the exception of Eurocosplay, ECG and WCS, and with good reason. I hope you've got a good judging panel organised for this because with that kind of prize pot anyone who gets away with entering a commissioned costume will create some bad rep for you guys, which would be a shame when it's just your second run. I mean, you'll succeed in attracting a number of high quality costumes to your event if that's the intention but I do kinda wonder how it will work out for Sunnycon in the long run. If you're going in both eyes open with a good judging panel and rules set at your back, then the results will be interesting.

... Oh wait, you've nothing stipulating costumes previously winning the likes of Eurocosplay can't be entered. Doubly interesting!

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17 Jul 2012 - 11:4487784
Wow, really nice! But unfortunately, I don't have chance to go there

17 Jul 2012 - 11:4787787
Egh, I can't enter cos my fursuit is an OC.

But I think this prize is a big jump from the last one. Last time the Masq totally failed. They just gave up and let anyone in. And now they're jumping up with this big prize that could be bad. I agree with what madmazda86 is saying aswell.

But yeah, interesting.

xD Goodluck to all entering.

17 Jul 2012 - 12:0587794
This looks really great, and myself and my group are interested in making the trip for it, but I have to comment that there's a real lack of information on your website. You don't specify the largest group size or the type of media costumes should come from or even the dates of the convention itself, until you go searching!

17 Jul 2012 - 15:3287802
Pretty much seconding everything Maz delivered in her comment... It almost seems too good to be true?

I think playing the waiting game here to see how things pan out nearer the time would be best.

Who's announced as judges, more specific costume/judging criteria, the convention website itself actually being filled in information wise, etc... These are all things I'd want to know before going into something like this.

01 Aug 2012 - 23:2088586
we are currently updating our information and filling in any gaps we may have missed out but the principle is that all costumes must be hand made and come with a scrapbook as proof. The previous costumes rule is in our edit as it was the first thing brought to our attention lol The prize is real I just thought that some cosplayers spend hundreds and even thousands on costumes so why not have a prize that makes it worth their while. We'll update soon with all the feedback we get with it still early days we want to iron out any creases straight away.

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