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03 Dec 2008 - 14:408100
cosplay picnics??
i desperately need my cosplay fix! i ussually drag my "normal" friends to such events and make their costumes, but really want to hang with some hardcore cosplayer. i'm based in london, does anyone know of any clubs events etc that are happening (apart from may expo)


03 Dec 2008 - 14:478101
theres a xmas meet on the 6th dec in london, its been posted in the mcm forums.

03 Dec 2008 - 15:218103

There is always room for cake

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03 Dec 2008 - 16:028104
There's also a cosplay picnic/day out on the 20th December, starting in Hyde Park. It's being arranged by KellyJane I believe! The info's scattered through her journals on deviantart http://kellyjane.deviantart.com

My friends and I are going, looks like it's going to be a fun event But I'd aim for a warm costume if I were you, there's potential ice-skating

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