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13 Jul 2012 - 20:2487550
delivery concern.
I ordered a wig from an ebay seller not 5 minutes ago and I got an email saying that they're out of office till the 19th July and so won't be able to send it till then.

Basically, I need it for Amecon, does anyone think I'll be able to receive it in time or not? If not, how do I get my money back?


13 Jul 2012 - 21:0787555
Firstly it depends on the item location, by the sounds of it I'm assuming it's a chinese seller? You should take note of their delivery information listed within the product details - how fast they post each item after receiving payment and how long it generally takes with your selected delivery choice - if they offer a faster shipment method it might be safe to pick this and email asking to upgrade it [but keep in mind it can be very costly]

They return in just short of a week so you could wait till they're back to check if they can get it to you before you leave for Ame but I'd look for a closer replacement wig in the meantime just incase!

In regards to getting a refund you need to check ebay's policies and email the seller explaining your situation.
Goodluck! =]

13 Jul 2012 - 22:1487556
If its coming from China you might get it within the time frame but it depends on what delivery you've chosen. Also worth bearing in mind though that customs seems to be taking a little longer than usual with the Olympics. If its coming EMS you should be fine (say three days for shipping and a weeks tops for customs), airmail you might get it in time and surface mail you'll be pushing it to arrive in time. Like the above suggests worth finding a backup and then messaging them for delivery times when they get back.

18 Jul 2012 - 21:1487897
Thanks for the advice, I managed to contact the seller and they already sent it off the day after I brought it so I should get it in time *sighs* Thankies!! :3

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