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03 Dec 2008 - 13:418096
Cosplay Event Meeting: Manchester, 6th December
Next Saturday (6th Dec), there will be a meeting for:


Where: The Greenfish resource center (the office), or I can meet people outside Afflecks.

When: Saturday 6th December at 3pm until 4pm

We will be:

• Planning how the night will go
• Discussing what you will want to see
• How can the customisation clinic help?
• Theme?
• And any other business.

So, question is who is coming to help out?
If any of you cannot make it, I will put the notes up in this thread
http://www.urbanalternatives.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=26643#26643 ,
so you still get to have your voice.

Just a note, we tend to work with 16-25 year olds.
If you are 21 or over, my boss may want to do a CRB check,
but we'll jump that hurdle when we get there.

If you volunteer, we will keep a record of how many hours you do,
which will look good on UCAS/CV.
You don't have to volunteer of course, you can just come along for the details, or watch out on
for details on when and where it will happen.

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