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11 Jul 2012 - 10:0187443
Accuratly shortening a jacket pattern.
I am making a jacket for my Natsu Cosplay using a duster coat pattern. The coat's pattern is near perfect, except it runs all the way down to my feet, whenI want something that just goes to my waist. I originally thought to just trim the end of the cut bit by bit until I got a length I was happy with, but as I need to Line it would be extremely difficult to produce a similar lined copy of it.

Any idea how I can modify the coat pattern to come exactly down to my waist? The front, Back and side front pieces have a "Waist line" mark which when I place the front piece against my body seems to come to just three inches above my body. I also have a slight worry that they don't all show the same level spot on my body.

11 Jul 2012 - 10:3487445
Some patterns will include a section that is for shortening or lengthening, but if yours doesn't have that then you can just cut the pieces at great than the length you think you want them.
And when I say great than where you want, I mean a good few inches greater.
Then when you've sewn everything together, if pieces aren't the same size you can trim them. Also get it to the length you want, but some of this you can doing whilst hemming.
With the lining, just do the same thing, trying to cut off the same amount for matching pieces.
In fact, if it's lined, that makes your life easier, because anything that's not the same length will be hidden in the hem =]

You may also want to make it a little wider when cutting, just to give the jacket some shape. But that's a style choice and is up to you. Can use the existing pattern bottom as a guideline, but might need to play around to find the right shape.

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