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09 Jul 2012 - 15:3387325
Troll skin make up (Homestuck)
I've been wanting to do a Homestuck cosplay for some time now, preferably Gamzee, but I can't seem to find any type of make up that can be used for the skin.

I've searched online and even found a tumblr that helps with Homestuck cosplays but unfortunately they are set in America and from what they say is to use Ben-Nye, which we don't have.

So if there are any Homestuck cosplayers that can help me out with this minor delima it would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you for your time. x

09 Jul 2012 - 15:4687327
Ben Nye is available in the UK from theatrical suppliers such as Screenface and Charles Fox

09 Jul 2012 - 16:3787329
There is a brand of body paint you can buy in the UK called Snazaroo. Most of the Homestuck troll cosplayers I know use it. The light gray shade they sell is the perfect colour

For Gamzee, you'll have to buy two colours I'm afraid due to his design.
You can buy Snazaroo in most party / costume shops for only a few pound. It lasts quite a whole too.

Alternatively, you can buy it online here:

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09 Jul 2012 - 17:3487331
Me and my friends do Homestuck cosplays and we all use different paint. Ben Nye and Snazzaroo are pretty good . Though Snazzaroo does tend to rub off in hotter weather. (summer/spring cons D: ) My friends didnt complain about the Ben Nye as much. I also have a friend that uses PAX. You have to mix it and stuff. A pain to get ready but stays on like a dream. Then of course there is the cost. Snazzaroo being the chapest and I beleive PAX is most expensive.

Hope this helps a bit

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09 Jul 2012 - 21:0687355
You guys are amazing! :'D

Honestly I searched and I never thought we would sell Ben-Nye or Snazaroo here at all.

Thank you so much. ;3;

09 Aug 2012 - 04:3489064
There is also the UK Brand Grimas~ ^^

Snazaroo Facepaint does tend to come off quickly. Instead you should use Greasepaint (Also known as cream based paint), Ben Nye do it and Grimas do it. It lasts a whole lot longer and looks a lot better than Facepaint And it's only a few pounds more expensive. I tend to prefer the Grimas colours better than Ben Nye XD

Just make sure that if you use it to use some sort of powder on top of it (Baby powder can work, but Grimas also sell 'transparent powder' which takes the shine off the paint and makes it last a hell of a lot longer.

And make sure to test it on your skin (Just like you should with facepaint) before use, there's always the risk of an allergic reaction.

I hope this helps

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