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09 Jul 2012 - 11:1187316
the blue fairy from Pinocchio
I really would like to cosplay this charicter as she is one of my favorit disney charicters, but due to the heavy load at university this year I don't have time to make her. I'd love to actually find someone willing to make this cosplay for me.

10 Jul 2012 - 15:2787397
Hi there! I would like to offer my services to you! I could make this costume for you for between $85-$100. I would have to take some time to complete a more detailed estimate for you ^_^ You can check out my website and my dA account for references of cosplays I've made for myself and for commission:

Harlequin Cosplay
Harlequin Cosplay on DeviantArt

Let me know if you are still needing this costume made! Thanks ^_^

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