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05 Jul 2012 - 20:1387180
Fate Zero / FateStay Night Cosplayers for London Film and Comicon?
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone of you is doing cosplay related to Type Moon's Fate Zero or FateStay Night?

I failed to persuade any of my friends to cosplay anyone from the Fate universe, so I will be a sole Rider Servant (Medusa, not Iskander) ranging Olympia Hall on Saturday of the London Film and Comicon.
If you happen to cosplay characters from Fate/Zero/FateStay Night it would be great if we could meet for some photos

If you fancy a chat or want to meet up, simply drop me a line! I would be happy to meet other cosplayers (also if you're not into FZ /FSN)!

I don't bite!

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