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09 Dec 2008 - 00:038393
Absolutely SPANKING time.

It was a fantastic night and had a wonderfully different feel to your average con party/ball.

I feel sorry for Emily, as The Grand staff seemed to be *less than* helpful and I hope she can get a better venue for next year.

Still, despite the rude bouncers, the crappy bar-staff (although the one women who gave me discount drinks was alright ) and general dirtyness of the place; it was still a fantastic evening.

Me and Kelly had loads of fun, even if I am rubbish at slow dances!

Bigger dance floor next time. The only reason we got up on stage to dance was because there wasn't room on the floor itself. XD


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09 Dec 2008 - 00:158395

hope it happens next year
BIG THANKS TO EMILY AND JESS for organising such a wonderfull time and we are ALL very gratefull for what they did


09 Dec 2008 - 07:488401
Quote Arkayen:
I continually found photographers barging in (thank you James/Nadesico81 for having the decency to ASK before just assuming you had free roam of the box) and just interupting our privacy....

As a video photographer, I have found its good policy to ask before filming then just to film. Pictures are one thing but some people do not like to be filmed. I had a privet box too it was odd seeing the people come and go from the boxes.

As for the wait staff clearing drinks early, I have heard that from a number of people. However, I did not drink at all during the event besides H2o.

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