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01 Dec 2008 - 10:498019
sukisyo/ sukisho cosplay at may expo
well me and my friend are doing a sukisho/sukisyo cosplay, but we were worryed that no one would know who we are
lol well im cosplaying as sora hashiba and shes cosplaying fujimori sunao for both days.
so if anyone knows sukisyo/sukisho leave a message lol xDDD
thank youu!!! ^.^ <3

01 Dec 2008 - 11:118022
I know what it is! I have it on DVD, its wonderfully silly but good all the same. What versions are you doing? The school uniforms or the Samurai/Princess versions? Either way I'll keep an eye out for you

I'm going to slash your pillow and tear out all the stuffing with a motorbike made of jelly.
01 Dec 2008 - 11:188023
were doing the school uniforms ^-^

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