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30 Jun 2012 - 10:4186948
Dead or Alive Group 2013
Hey there! Am planning a Dead or Alive group for next year, not sure whether this will be at the summer con or October expo, so I'll leave that open for discussion (though I must say October is a little easier for me, problem being it's very far away and people may lose interest)

I am allowing doubles as to not do so for a game like DOA would be pretty mean, I mean there are plenty of outfits to choose from too! Not that you can't double up on costumes as well

Cast List (so far!)

Kasumi - MissAriel, DevilsChestnut

Ayane - crystalcharmer, Aimee

Ryu - Viewtiful D

Bayman -

Hitomi -

Christie -

Tina - CrystallineKnight

Hayate - Arnavel

Lisa -

Helena - LittleGeeky

Jann Lee - Captain_Marvelous

Lei Fang -

Kokoro - Xephios

Zack -

If there is a character I haven't listed it doesn't mean you can't pick them of course, I'd be happy to add them.

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30 Jun 2012 - 10:5186949
Im not 100% if I can make the con yet (eek) but I do have a kasumi cosplay I would love to wear again! (White and pink robe version) x

30 Jun 2012 - 10:5386950
Cool beans! That would be lovely added. Thanks!

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30 Jun 2012 - 10:5486951
Put me down for Jann Lee, in all probability in his Bruce Lee Esque track suit plzplzplz?


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