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09 Sep 2007 - 16:06384
After about.. er.. I forget how long of being on here and stalking the forums I guess it's probably a good idea to introduce myself..

Name's Taruto!, I love cosplaying even if it doesn't love me too much. I've been cosplaying since Aya '05 and I fully intend continuing as I continue to attend many, many conventions!
I also twiddle on with other artsy garbage, so even if you don't know me from cosplaying/from meeting me you might have heard my name being tossed around.

Anyway.. er.. hello to those who know me, hello to those who know of me, and hello to any random strangers! Nice to meet you all

09 Sep 2007 - 16:40386
Nice to meet you Taruto!

Your costumes look great, awesome to see a Tales of Symphonia group!

Hope to see you about the Forums and on the site!.

Voice Over/Actor - Presenter/Host - Geek/Gamer
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