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29 Jun 2012 - 22:2286926
Visual Effects Photography and the Cosplayer
Hi everyone,

My name is Scott Burrows, I'm one half of a photography company based in Surrey and we're toying with the idea of offering what we're currently calling 'Visual Effects Photography'.

By way of an explanation - my career and training are in Visual Effects for TV and Film but with that industry getting rougher and rougher I'm lending more time to photography. We are loosely defining 'Visual Effects Photography' as shooting the model in a studio and then adding digital backgrounds/environments to give the whole image a rich detailed feel that we have ultimate control over.

Obviously to me this would lend itself well to the world of cosplay - the rich detail in the outfits is taken care of and we can help bring that to life and in turn, do it justice.

The example image above was shot in studio in a white infinity cove with the buildings/city all created digitally and composited together.

I guess the point of this thread is: would anyone actually be interested in this?!

Would love to hear any feedback either way!


29 Jun 2012 - 22:3386929
The quality of your work is excellent and obviously time consuming. I'd be interested but it would all depend on cost and accessibility as I live in Scotland. Would you be planning to maybe go to different conventions/expos and set up there?

30 Jun 2012 - 13:5286962
Thanks for the reply - the above image was about 70 hours work but I wouldn't expect to bill a private client for all that - would take it on the chin as a labour of love I think!

We're based in Surrey at the moment with a studio in Hersham where we'd ideally like to shoot but obviously we're flexible to get the job done!

I'm definitely keen to at the very least advertise at cons and am seeing how feasible actually setting up a backdrop and bringing in lights would be. I guess the idea would be we take your photo, if you like it you can either purchase a print/file of that then and there or sign up for the VFX option where we'd take your details and discuss from there - we'd probably have to say 2-4 weeks before you'd receive your image though?

Any ideas/comments/suggestions/critiques are obviously more than welcome at this stage!


30 Jun 2012 - 14:2986965
My days I just had a flick through your gallery and I love looking at your work. Very good portfolio, you've showcased a wide range of abilities!

I think if you contact conventions well enough in advance and link your portfolio then they will be happy for you to give you a press pass and to set up a back drop and other equipment in a room or something. I mean Ayacon last year had three different photographers, each with their own backdrops. And I'm sure London MCM Expo has 3 photography areas as well.

I'm sure there would be willing people to pay you for the VFX and/or file/print of the original. I mean Cosplay Portrait has been successful in doing this.

As for looking for private shoots, I'm sure you'll find people. As far as I'm aware there are quite a few of us in Surrey (including myself!) and Londoners also have easy access to Surrey. So I'm sure with enough activity at conventions then you'll generate a good reputation and you'll have happy models wanting your pictures. Business cards at conventions help if you don't have any already.

30 Jun 2012 - 17:0686971
I would love to get a cosplay shoot in sometime... or even a 'normal' shoot (gothic/lolita/steampunk style) where are you in surrey?

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01 Jul 2012 - 23:0987017
Thanks for the replies and kind words!

Admittedly my experience of UK cons is slim to none - in New Zealand there was pretty much a grand to total of 1 (called Armageddon!) but it's definitely something we'll be checking out, possibly starting with the London Film & Comic Con next weekend.

I'm really keen to get some work out there for this - It seems there're a few options out there already for location shoots/plain back drops but hopefully we can get across the point that the environment needn't be limited by what's around and accessible but rather what works best to sell the costume!

We'll definitely be looking for local models to get a few example photos under our belt and really do appreciate the enthusiasm


02 Jul 2012 - 08:3987026
This is a great idea!! But I also prefer to take photo in real scene.

02 Jul 2012 - 11:2887029
Hi Summerflower,

Perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to say 'we'll make everything apart from you digital!!' - there is of course scope for location shoots, if the right location is accessible then we'd be mad not to use it - I guess to put our spin on it we'd look at things like if we shot in a location with a window and the vista wasn't quite as cool as the interior we'd replace that. We'd also look at things that are less environmental i.e spells, auras, weapon effects etc.

I suppose it's not so much what we would always do as what we could do - because nobody likes limiting their imagination!


12 Jul 2012 - 19:3187508
I think that this is a great thing, even if you like to take photos in person(I know I do) being there and all that, but I've been looking for something like this since I have some characters that I cosplay which are often seen doing things or in locations which just isn't realistic for me to achieve. I'd be interested!

12 Jul 2012 - 20:5187510
ooo your portfolio looks great! I'm not too far out from surrey so depending on costs for the shoot I'm sure I could get a couple of people together to help you get some sample images to get started

I recommend going on conventions and handing out business cards, maybe just take photos for the day and give your card to them afterwards with a link to where the pics will be uploaded to, that way they'd be able to see the quality of the work and may want to investigate further! I imagine that'd be the fastest way for people to hear about what you do as people go to these things to get photos done, no point spending hours on something only to have no one see it!!

Other wise you can advertise your photography services in this catagory nearer the time of a big con/event and book some photo shoots, people dont mind paying for good photos of thier costumes

15 Jul 2012 - 15:2987656
Thank you kindly for the replies, I appreciate any and all comments!

We'll definitely be looking to get a few example shots done - possibly with an idea for getting them printed on one side of a business card and our details on the other for that extra bit of visual impact?

Aside from that, by the sounds of it we need to be getting in amongst it all at cons and you're right, having a camera then and there will bring traffic back our way if we haven't arranged a booth.

Will keep you updated as this progresses as we'll probably be looking to organise a few shoots in the coming weeks!

Have good days everybody!

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